What is albic soil?

The albic horizon is underlain by an argillic, cambic, kandic, natric, or spodic horizon, or a fragipan. Albic materials are light-colored soil materials derived from primary silt and sand particles that are essentially devoid of coatings of clay and/or iron oxides.

What is an albic horizon?

The albic horizon is defined as an eluvial horizon, 1 cm or more thick, that “generally occurs below an A horizon but may be at the mineral soil surface” (Soil Survey Staff 2010, p. An argillic, cambic, kandic, natric, or spodic horizon or a fragipan generally occurs below the albic horizon.

What are albic materials?

Albic — > 1 cm thick consisting of > 85% albic material: low chroma, high value soil material, color controlled by uncoated mineral grains. Agric –illuvial accumulation of clay, silt and humus caused by long-term cultivation.

What is Epipedon of soil?

The epipedon (Gr. epi, over, upon, and pedon, soil) is ahorizon that forms at or near the surface and in which most ofthe rock structure has been destroyed. It is darkened by organic matter or shows evidence of eluviation, or both. The melanic epipedon (defined below) is unique among epipedons.

What is Alfisols soil?

Alfisols are moderately leached soils that have relatively high native fertility. These soils have mainly formed under forest and have a subsurface horizon in which clays have accumulated. Alfisols are primarily found in temperate humid and subhumid regions of the world.

What is Argillic soil?

A subsoil horizon characterized by an accumulation of illuvial clay, defined by the percent of clay content relative to the overlying clay depleted (eluvial horizon) and usually has coatings of clay on the surface of soil pores and structures where it has been deposited from percolating soil water.

What do you mean by a diagnostic horizon?

Diagnostic Horizon a soil horizon having a set of quantitatively defined properties which are used in soil classification. Criteria used are observed (colour, hardness, temperature) or values (depth, contents, volumes, densities) measured by methods independent of the observer.

What is a calcic horizon?

A mineral soil horizon with evidence of secondary calcium carbonate deposition which is more than 15 cm thick, with a calcium carbonate content of more than 15 per cent by weight, and with 5 per cent carbonate more than is in the parent material or horizons below it. From: calcic horizon in A Dictionary of Ecology »

What is Ochric Epipedon?

The ochric horizon (from Gr. ochros, pale) is a surface horizon lacking fine stratification and which is either light coloured15, or thin, or has an low organic carbon content, or is massive and (very) hard when dry.

Which horizon of soil is infertile?

For instance, a highly weathered, infertile soil usually contains a light-colored layer in the subsurface soil from which nutrients have leached away. On the other hand, a highly fertile soil often has a deep surface layer that contains high amounts of organic matter.

Are Alfisols old?

Probably owing to their fertility, they are the oldest forest soils; vegetation on weathered Oxisols, by contrast, is not known earlier than Middle Permian. Fossil Alfisols remain common from the Carboniferous and all periods since the Eocene.

What is the difference between Alfisols and Spodosols?

Ultisols are less weathered but are often more acid than Oxisols, and usually contain appreciable amounts of silicate clay minerals (mainly kaolinite). Clay content increases with depth often abruptly, giving rise to a Bt horizon.

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What makes an albic horizon a diagnostic horizon?

Albic horizons usually have coarser textures than the overlying or underlying horizons, although this difference with respect to an underlying spodic horizon may only be slight. Many albic horizons are associated with wetness and contain evidence of gleyic or stagnic properties. Diagnostic criteria. An albic horizon must have: 1.