What is an art of mass communication?

What is an art of mass communication?

The definition of mass communication or mass media is simply a transfer of knowledge or information to a large group of audience using any form of communication. The origin of mass communications cannot be claimed by any culture ever since mankind learnt to speak.

Can arts student do mass communication?

Class 12 Arts students can choose to graduate in main stream subjects like – History, Political Science, Psychology, Hindi, English, and other subjects. Offbeat fields like BA in Mass Communication and Journalism, also known as BAJMC, is one of the most popular course opted by Arts students.

What is the study of mass communication?

Mass communication is the study of communicating with the masses, but is also about storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of mass communication is centered around how messages persuade and affect the behavior and opinion of the person or people receiving the content.

What are the important of mass communication?

Build Public Opinion. Another important objective of mass communication is to create public opinion on any national or international issue. Mass media attempts to create public opinion by providing their audiences with a realistic picture of the world, activities of the leaders, governmental policies, etc.

What are the four theories of mass communication?

The four theories of the Press/Media

  • Authoritarian theory.
  • Libertarian theory.
  • Social responsibility theory.
  • Soviet media theory.

What is the salary of mass communication?

Typically as a fresher in mass communication, one can earn between INR 12,000 to INR 25,000 per month, depending on the job profile and location. However, an expert having about five years of experience can get a salary starting from INR 50,000 per month to more than INR 1 Lakh per month.

Which stream is for mass media?

Mass communication course in a collective term has a series of streams like- news-reading, reporting, columnist, Anchoring, radio jockey, public-relations, advertising, production, acting, web journalism, social media etc. Assam University, Silchar, Assam.

Which course is best for mass communication?

List of Top Mass Communication Courses in India

Name of the Mass Communication Course Type of Course Duration
P.G. Diploma in Hindi Journalism Post-graduate Diploma 2 years
BA in Journalism Undergraduate Degree 3 years
BA Hons Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC) Undergraduate Degree 3 years
Diploma in Media Studies Diploma 3 years

What are the 4 characteristics of mass media?

Mass communication can be identified through the following characteristics:

  • Wide and Vast Area.
  • Heterogeneous Audience.
  • Distance between Source and Destination.
  • No Question of Discrimination.
  • Professional Communication.
  • Absence of Feedback.
  • Intermediary Channels.
  • Public Message.

What are the main features of mass communication?

The media include radio, television, films, newspaper, posters, leaflets etc. Mass communication does not take place through face to face or telephonic conversation. Rapid and continuous dissemination: Another distinct characteristic of mass communication is the speedy and continuous dissemination of the message.

What are the 4 theories?

Sociologists (Zetterberg, 1965) refer to at least four types of theory: theory as classical literature in sociology, theory as sociological criticism, taxonomic theory, and scientific theory. These types of theory have at least rough parallels in social education. Some of them might be useful for guiding research.

How does art as a form of communication work?

Sometimes they’re obvious, like a celebratory image of a political leader. But other times, artworks communicate through elements you might not notice at first, like the choice of colors, composition (the underlying form and how elements relate to one another), or how the forms are either put together or fractured.

How is visual art used to convey ideas?

Art Can Convey Ideas. From ancient times, people have used images to communicate. Think of early cave art or Egyptian hieroglyphics – visual art can explore concepts or ideas without requiring written statements. Words are sometimes included and can be an effective complement, but they’re not the primary way ideas are conveyed in visual art.

What are the major contributions to mass communication?

Contributions were made from economics, history, literature, art, political science, psychology, sociology and anthropology, and led to the emergence of academic departments of communication and cultural studies” (Briggs & Burke 2).

How long does it take to major in Mass Communication?

Basically, it takes 2 to 4 years to acquire a degree in mass communication. However, for a broader option, it is better to major in a particular field like advertising, journalism, film production, public relations, and so on. This might take a longer period of time. But then, you will become a professional in that niche.