What is another word for send out?

What is another word for send out?

What is another word for send out?

diffuse disperse
vent expel
give off proliferate
sow throw out
send forth eject

What is the synonym of sent?

In this page you can discover 78 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sent, like: sent forth, shipped, consigned, kept, restrained, expressed, committed, charged, mailed, posted and commissioned.

Is it to be sent or to be send?

There is no such thing as “will be send”. Passive always requires Past Participle, so look out for that. The Past Participle of “to send” is “sent”.

What exude means?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to ooze or spread out in all directions. 2 : to display conspicuously or abundantly exudes charm. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About exude.

What is the difference between send and sent?

The word ‘send’ is the present tense while the term ‘sent’ is the past tense. One may get confused by their different spellings as the past tense of most of the verbs either have d or ed added to the end part of the main word. This is because; the word ‘send’ is an irregular verb.

Which is correct I have sent or I have send?

I have sent you an email vs I have send you an email. When using the helping verb have, the correct form of the past tense of the verb to send is sent. Expert Tip! If the action is complete, it is usually better to use the more direct form, I sent you an email.

Did not send or sent?

1 Answer. When you negate a sentence by using do or did, you should use the whole verb. Since to send is the whole verb, you should use It didn’t send the messages. Plus, he used the simple past with ” I didn’t”, so logically the verb who precede is in the infinitive form.

Could send or could sent?

You can use both of them interchangebly if you want but if you want to sound kind and formal use “could”. “Can you send it to me?” may sound rude .

What does it mean to exude love?

If you exude love, confidence, pain, etc., you show that you have a lot of that feeling: She just exudes confidence.

What does it mean to exude happiness?

To exude joy. verb. Exude is defined as to show a lot of a certain feeling or to slowly discharge something. When you project or radiate confidence, this is an example of a situation where you exude confidence.

Did she send or sent?

He really did sent me that letter. Did send. The past tense is already made sure of by ‘did’.

What is an antonym for send?

Transmit fixes the attention more on the intervening agency, as send does upon the points of departure and destination. Antonyms: bring, carry, convey, get, give, hand, hold, keep, receive, retain. Synonyms:

What is another word for sending a message?

Synonyms for send include dispatch, convey, direct, forward, mail, post, consign, deliver, remit and ship. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What is another word for Sender?

Synonyms for. Sender. Hold to adjust. transmitter. n. , adj. # microphone. consignor. n. sending.

What is another word for sending away?

Synonyms for Send away: n. v. •brush aside/brush off (verb) disown, deny, get rid of, disclaim, contradict, override, ostracize, snub, reject, disregard, cut, slight, boycott, scorn.