What is Cate Blanchett net worth?

What is Cate Blanchett net worth?

Cate Blanchett’s Net Worth: $95 Million.

What nationality is Cate Blanchett?

Cate Blanchett/Nationality

Cate Blanchett, in full Catherine Elise Blanchett, (born May 14, 1969, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Australian actress known for her multidimensional characters and wide range of roles.

Does Cate Blanchett have a degree?

NIDA – National Institute of Dramatic Art1992
University of MelbourneMethodist Ladies’ College (MLC)Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School
Cate Blanchett/Education

How old was Cate Blanchett when she played Elizabeth?

29 years old
In 1998, Blanchett’s Golden Globe-winning portrayal of England’s Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth earned the actress her first Academy Award nomination. She was 29 years old.

What is Brad Pitt’s net worth in 2020?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pitt is currently worth $300 million.

What is Tom Cruise worth?

Tom Cruise Net Worth Tom Cruise’s estimated net worth is $600 million.

Who plays the Lady of the wood?

Galadriel is portrayed by Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. She appears in all three films as a supporting character.

How does Cate Blanchett pronounce her name?

Bet you didn’t realize you’re saying Cate Blanchett’s surname incorrectly! Yep, the last syllable in the Oscar-winning star’s last name is actually pronounced “chit,” not “chet.”

Who is Cate Blanchett’s husband?

Andrew Uptonm. 1997
Cate Blanchett/Husband

Who plays Lady Galadriel?

Morfydd ClarkThe Lord of the Rings
Annette CrosbieThe Lord of the RingsHeidi KrohnHobitit
Galadriel/Voiced by

How was Cate Blanchett discovered?

1992–2000: Early work and international breakthrough. Blanchett’s first stage role was opposite Geoffrey Rush, in the 1992 David Mamet play Oleanna for the Sydney Theatre Company. A couple of weeks after rehearsals, the actress playing the title role pulled out, and director Lindy Davies cast Blanchett in the role.

How many times has Cate Blanchett played Queen Elizabeth?

Cate Blanchett has played the 16th century British monarch Elizabeth I twice now, in “Elizabeth,” the 1998 drama that made her a star and earned her an Oscar nomination, and again this year in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”