What is family life like in Jordan?

What is family life like in Jordan?

Family Dynamic Family is at the center of Jordanian society. Larger families are traditionally desired by most. Urban families tend to limit the number of children to three while rural families tend to have more. Fathers serve as head of the family and are expected to support it financially.

What is school like in Jordan?

Learning outcomes in Jordan are poor throughout basic and secondary education. 70% of students in Grades 2 and 3 are reading without comprehension (National Committee for Human Resources Development, 2016). Students consistently perform poorly in international standardized tests, including in mathematics and science.

Is it safe to go to Jordon?

Compared to many of its neighbors in the Middle East, Jordan is an exceptionally safe country to visit. In fact, the Jordanian government puts a lot of effort and money into making visitors feel safe through high-profile security and police presence in tourist regions and in hotels.

Is Jordan a safe place to live?

Jordan is very safe to visit and, despite local dissatisfaction with issues such as Iraqi immigration, the Syrian refugee crisis, unemployment and high inflation, you are unlikely to feel any hint of the turmoil of neighbouring countries.

What is the famous food in Jordan?

Beyond hummus: 10 foods you must try in Jordan

  • Mansaf. Traditionally served in a large platter meant for communal eating, mansaf is a dish of tender meat layered with paper-thin flatbread and great piles of aromatic rice.
  • Falafel.
  • Bedouin tea and coffee.
  • Kunafa.
  • Maqluba.
  • Fresh juice.
  • Roasted nuts.
  • Shawarma.

Are marriages arranged in Jordan?

According to a lawyer member of the Jordanian Bar Association and human rights activist in Amman, arranged marriages still occur in Jordan in both rural and urban areas even though, according to family law, a woman must agree to the marriage (26 Apr.

Do girls go to school in Jordan?

There is no specific gender disparity in Jordanian primary schools. Over 94 percent of girls attend school compared to 95 percent of boys. Girls in rural areas are just as likely as girls in urban areas to attend school.

Is healthcare free in Jordan?

Public healthcare in Jordan is funded by the government and mandatory contributions from the country’s workforce. A monthly deduction is taken from the salaries of all employees in Jordan. These employees are then granted access to social security, which entitles them to free or subsidised healthcare.

What is illegal in Jordan?

Every type of drug except for tobacco and alcohol are illegal in Jordan. Possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs is a serious offense and can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a heavy fine.

Is Jordan a poor country?

Standard of living Jordan is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East allowing a debate to consider introducing a secular government. Only 1.6% of Jordanians make less than $2 a day, one of the lowest in the developing world according to the Human Poverty Index.

Can you drink alcohol in Jordan?

Jordan is a conservative society. You should dress modestly and behave courteously. It’s illegal to drink alcohol on the street but permissible in bars, clubs, hotels and private homes. There are strict alcohol limits for drivers, similar to those of the UK.

Is drinking legal in Jordan?