What is Heras fencing used for?

What is Heras fencing used for?

When are Heras Fence Panels Used? Temporary Heras fence panels are traditionally used for security purposes in the outdoor construction and events industry and greatly assist with the health and safety of such sites.

What diameter is Heras fencing?

A Heras construction fence panel has a dimension of 3.45m wide x2m tall. While the term Heras is a brand name, building… What is a standard Heras fence panel size? A Heras construction fence panel has a dimension of 3.45m wide x2m tall.

What is Heras fencing made from?

What is Heras fencing made of? The poles and metal grid of a Heras fence are typically made from steel with a galvanised finish (i.e. coated in a protective layer of zinc). The poles slot into bracing blocks made from concrete.

Is Heras fencing hoarding?

Heras Steelhoard is a quality re-useable temporary hoarding system, the profiled panels are galvanised and polyester coated which ensure they will not rot or degrade.

Why is it called Heras fencing?

It all began in a barn. Ruigrok was the first to opt for standardization and serial fencing production. In 1958, he changed the name to Heras. As another first in the industry, Ruigrok hung a Heras sign on each fencing panel. A brilliant, yet simple, solution for free name recognition.

What is building site fencing called?

Temporary fencing is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis when needed for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence. It is also known as construction hoarding when used at construction sites.

How much does a Heras fence panel weigh?

Smartweld Technology increases the square top anti-climb panel by up to 70%. This panel is an improved version of Heras’ very first creation (the Original……Square top anti-climb temporary fencing panels.

System type Tubular frame
Finish Galvanised as standard
Panel height 2000mm
Panel width 3500mm
Panel weight 15kg

Is Heras fencing secure?

Heras’ metal mesh fencing panels are built using robust materials that are anti-climb and anti-vandalism to protect high security sites and critical assets by resisting and significantly delaying a sustained assault.

What is temporary fencing called?

mobile fencing
Temporary fencing is fencing that is used to secure an area. While there is permanent fencing that can be used for safety and security, temporary fencing is great for people who need more flexible fencing options. Temporary fencing can also be called “mobile fencing.”

What is anti climb fencing?

An anti-climb fence is one of the simplest ways to stop unauthorised persons from entering your property. It could be a purpose designed security structure, or an ordinary fence or wall fitted with anti-climb devices such as security spikes, wall spikes or fence spikes.

How much does a Heras block weigh?

The block weighs <24 kg (40 lbs), i.e. less than the statutory European maximum. Although these plastic blocks are 40% lighter than concrete blocks, their clever design enables you to create a very stable foundation. This block makes your work faster, more convenient and lighter.

How long is a pedestrian barrier?

2.3 metres
These pedestrian barriers are 2.3 metres in length and feature an innovative interlocking design, allowing you to create a strong and continuous barrier that cannot be broken or breached easily. Our 2.3 metre pedestrian barriers are the strongest on the market.