What is Jewel Plummer Cobb famous for?

What is Jewel Plummer Cobb famous for?

Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Maplewood, New Jersey, U.S. Jewel Plummer Cobb (January 17, 1924 – January 1, 2017) was an American biologist, cancer researcher, professor, dean, and academic administrator. She contributed to the field of cancer research by studying the cure for melanoma.

Where did Jewel Plummer Cobb go to high school?

New York University1944–1950
Talladega College1942–1944
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Is Jewel Plummer Cobb black?

Becoming a noted cell biologist was a difficult road for Cobb. Because she was African American, she faced segregation during the course of her education. Although she came from an upper-middle-class background, Cobb found that she had to go to black Chicago public schools.

Where was Jewel Plummer Cobb born?

Chicago, IL
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What kind of scientist was Jewel Plummer Cobb?

Jewel Plumber Cobb, a cell biologist and cancer researcher, was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1924 to Frank V. Plummer, a physician, and Carriebel (Cole) Plummer, a physical education teacher. An only child, Jewel Plummer began reading her father’s scientific journals to supplement her science training while in junior high school.

When did Jewel Plummer and Roy Cobb divorce?

In 1954 Jewel Plummer married Roy Cobb, an insurance salesman. They had one son, Jonathon Cobb, who was born in 1957. The couple divorced in 1967. Jewel Cobb’s research focused on skin cancer and in particular the ability of melanin to protect skin from damage.

What did jewel plumber Cobb do at Cal State Fullerton?

In 1981 Jewel Plumber Cobb became President of California State University, Fullerton. While at Cal State, Fullerton she led a successful effort to obtain funding for the campus’s new science and engineering building and the new computer science building. She also initiated medical and pre-dental programs for minorities and women in the sciences.

Who was Cobb Plummer’s father and what did he do?

Her father, Frank V. Plummer, became a physician after he graduated from Cornell University, where he helped found the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Her mother, Carriebel (Cole) Plummer, taught dance and was a physical education teacher. Becoming a noted cell biologist was a difficult road for Cobb.