What is Maria supposed to get Matt to do?

What is Maria supposed to get Matt to do?

Maria is supposed to get Matt to talk. He reacts by snapping at her but then pats her hand. Matt reacts this way because he is afraid.

Does María die in the House of the Scorpion?

María Mendoza of Those Mendozas Plus, because they’re cronies, El Patrón often invites the Mendozas to come stay at the Alacrán estate, which explains why María is there in the first place. María thinks that her mom is dead, but it turns out she’s alive and well – and writing books about the awfulness of Opium.

What does Matt want in House of the Scorpion?

But the way Matt sees there world is much different from El Patron’s view. Matt and El Patron have many differences, there are few similarities. In the house of the scorpion Matt, wanted to reverse the surgery on the eejits and reunite them with their families.

How does Matt feel about El Patron?

Early on, Matt cherishes his relationship with El Patrón, as our narrator tells us, “He was well pleased that he shared something with El Patrón” (6.53). But later, as Matt starts to come into his own, he realizes that though “El Patrón loved him, […] he was evil” (19.55).

Does Matt end up with Maria?

María tries to smuggle Matt out of Opium after El Patrón collapses at Steven and Emilia’s wedding, but she and Matt are caught. María then returns to her convent school, where she contacts and reunites with her mother. Matt finally makes his way to María and they are reunited.

How does Maria feel about Matt?

She encourages Matt to be virtuous so that he may go to the heaven. She struggles with the idea of Matt being a clone because she knows this means he will ultimately be killed for his organs. El Patrón arranges for her to marry Tom and she accepts this fate.

How did Emilia and Maria arrive for Emilia’s wedding?

They came together on a hovercraft, with a cluster of eejits tending to Emilia. 7.

Where do the bodyguards take Matt?

Where do the bodyguards take Matt? How does he respond? They take Matt to the hospital but he tries to escape.

Why did Tom and Felicia have Matt and Maria meet at the hospital?

He was the one who told María that Matt wanted to meet her at the hospital. He tells them he wants to show them something scarier than Halloween. With a gleeful smile, Tom leads María and Matt down the hall.

What did Matt steal from Felicia Why?

Why did Matt steal a small bottle of Felicia’s laudanum? He thought he could use it to put Furball to sleep, so the creature wouldn’t bark.

Why did Maria say Matt would not be able to go to heaven?

(Ch 16, Q 2) Why does Maria say Matt can’t go to heaven? because Matt doesn’t have soul, so he can’t be baptized.

Why does Maria say Matt can’t go to heaven?

What does Maria do in the House of the Scorpion?

María demonstrates her characteristic compassion when, even though all the other characters reject Matt, she brings Matt dinner and spends time with him. Matt’s disorientating level of happiness at her attention shows how he is still desperate to belong among his peers and to receive the approval of others, despite their mistreatment of him.

What does Steven say in the House of the Scorpion?

Steven also explicitly states Matt’s legal and social standing in society when he says clones are not considered people. María asks what a clone is, and Emilia answers, “a bad animal.” Mr. Alacrán and the doctor come outside. The doctor scolds Mr. Alacrán for abandoning Matt out on the lawn.

Who are the characters in the House of the Scorpion?

The The House of the Scorpion quotes below are all either spoken by Matteo “Matt” Alacrán or refer to Matteo “Matt” Alacrán. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ).

Who is Matt in the House of El Patron?

Matteo “Matt” Alacrán. Matt is the protagonist of the novel. He is the clone of El Patrón, created for the sole purpose of harvesting his organs in order to extend El Patrón’s life. He enjoys learning all kinds of information, as well as playing and listening to music.