What is mean by able?

What is mean by able?

1. Able, capable, competent all mean possessing adequate power for doing something. Able implies power equal to effort required: able to finish in time. Capable implies power to meet or fulfill ordinary requirements: a capable worker.

How do you use ability in a sentence?

Ability sentence example

  1. Freedom from that ugly feeling gave her the ability to speak of it lightly for the first time.
  2. I can only applaud this man’s ability to deduce.
  3. Machines multiply our labor and increase our ability to do work.
  4. Tugging at her ability to reason.
  5. He never mastered the ability to run.

How do you use unable in a sentence?

Unable sentence example

  1. She fluffed the pillow and changed position, unable to sleep.
  2. We both looked at her intently, unable to respond.
  3. “I’m pretty sure he gets the picture,” Damian said, unable to help his amusement.
  4. She clung to him, unable to trust her voice or thoughts.
  5. He gave her a light kiss, unable to resist.

Are able to examples?

Notice that be able to is possible in all tenses, for example: I was able to drive… I will be able to drive… I have been able to drive…

What does adding able to a word do?

-Able is a cool suffix that allows you to describe things in new and interesting ways. Adding -able to a word makes it into an adjective that indicates something or someone is capable of or worthy of something. For instance, if a doughnut is dunkable, that means it can be dipped into a cup of milk or coffee.

Can able to meaning?

We use be able to to express ability. “Able” is an adjective meaning: having the power, skill or means to do something. If we say “I am able to swim”, it is like saying “I can swim”. We sometimes use be able to instead of “can” or “could” for ability.

What is a good sentence for ability?

(1) An employer should appraise the ability of his employees. (2) The manager lacks administrative ability. (3) The ability to initiate and operate independently. (4) The committee lacked a correct estimate of his ability.

How do you use unable to?

Used with adverbs: “They are just unable to get the job done.” “She is totally unable to understand what I am saying.” “He is still unable to walk after the accident.” “She is physically unable to do anything after her surgery.”

What is a word for not being able to do anything?

impotent. adjective. unable to do anything effective because of a lack of power.

What is the legal definition of the word able?

Legal Definition of able. 1 : possessed of needed powers or of needed resources to accomplish an objective able to perform under the contract. 2 : having freedom from restriction or obligation or from conditions preventing an action able to vote.

How is ” able to ” used in a sentence?

The were able to steal a safe containing a large quantity of cash and a number of pieces of jewellery which hold huge sentimental value to the owners. Experiments with rats suggest that transplants of tissue from the adrenal medulla to the caudate nucleus in the brain may be able to block such damage.

How is the word’unable’used in a sentence?

A patient suffering from a severe, incurable physical illness is not able anymore to make decisions on his own. A patient suffering from severe, incurable physical illness is not able to make decisions on his own.

What’s the meaning of able to in baseball?

Scioscia agreed, saying Anderson should be able to get 25 to 30 at-bats in Cactus League games before the Angels break camp. The aliens changed our genes so we would be able to use all of our brains. Not even the Qaraite schism was able to break the power of the Geonim.