What is one sixth of the day?

What is one sixth of the day?

1/6*24= 4 hours. The answer is 4 hours.

What is the sixth of an hour?

For example, 10 minutes is 10/60 = 1/6 of an hour, and 24 minutes is 24/60 = 6/15 of an hour.

What fraction of a day is 24 hours?

So, the number of days in 24 hours is 1. And the number of days in 1 hour can be given as 124 days. Hence, the number of days in 8 hours can be calculated by using the number of days in 1 hour. Hence, we get that there is 13 day in 8 hours or in other words we can say that 13rd of a day is 8 hours.

What fraction of a day gets over by 4 pm?

Answer: 1/6th of a day is equal to 4 hours Hence, the fraction 1/6 represents 4 hours of a day.

What is 1/6th called?

Quantity Units

one sixth or .1(6) to unit, point (1) 0.1667
one sixth or .1(6) to pair, brace, yoke 0.08333
one sixth or .1(6) to nest, hat trick 0.05556
one sixth or .1(6) to half-dozen 0.02778
one sixth or .1(6) to decade, dicker 0.01667

What is 4 by 5 of an hour?

(60* 4/5) min = 48 minutes.

What is 45 minutes of an hour in fraction?

More Information

Minutes Fraction of an hour
45 0.750
46 0.767
47 0.783
48 0.800

What part of a day is 6 hours?

Answer: 6 hours is 1/4 of a day.

What fraction is one hour of a day?

Therefore Required no. is 1/24 .

What percentage of a day is 6 hours?

1 day is equivalent to 24hours. Therefore, 6 hours is 25% of 1 day.

How many make a whole?

Each half can be put together again to make a whole. When a pizza or pie is divided into four equal parts, each part is a quarter of the whole piece. All four quarters put together make a whole.

Which is the best definition of one sixth?

Noun 1. one-sixth – one part in six equal parts sixth common fraction, simple fraction – the quotient of two integers Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart… One-sixth – definition of one-sixth by The Free Dictionary

How did the movie the 6th day get its name?

The title refers to the Christian Genesis creation narrative, where God created mankind on the sixth day. The film was Terry Crews ‘ acting debut. Schwarzenegger received a salary of $25 million for his role in the film. The film opened at #4 in North America and made $13 million in its opening weekend.

Is the sixth day a day of rest?

The following two thousand years since Christ’s birth they deemed to refer to the last two days of the labour of the Church. Thus, with the turn of the millennium we have, according to the Father’s teachings, arrived at the end of the Sixth Day and the threshold of the Seventh Day—a day of rest from all the labours of God’s people.

How many one sixths are there in 1 half?

This section answers a question like “How many one sevenths are there in 1 half?”. To get an answer enter 1 under half and see the result under 1/7. See if you can use this section to find out how many one-sixths are there in 15 one-nineths. one sixth or .1 (6) to one third or . (3) (1/3) one sixth or .1 (6) to one ninth or . (1) (1/9)