What is plant location and layout explain its objectives?

What is plant location and layout explain its objectives?

Plant layout is a plan for effective utilization of facilities for the manufacture of products; involving a most efficient and economical arrangement of machines, materials, personnel, storage space and all supporting services, within available floor space.

What are the objectives of location decision?

Location Decision means choosing a business location for business. It is not so very important decision for the business. Its main aim is to find out the best alternatives from different choices. Location Decision is important for both small and large organization.

What is the objective of plant design?

“Its objective is to combine labour with the physical properties of a plant (machinery, plant services, and handling equipment) in such a manner that the greatest output of high quality goods and services, manufactured at the lowest unit cost of production and distribution, will result.”

What is the need for plant location?

Need for Plant Location. The plant Location of warehouses and other facilities are also having direct bearing on the operational performance of organizations. The existing firms will seek new locations in order to expand the capacity or to place the existing facilities.

What is plant layout and its types?

Type’s Plant layout may be of four types: (a) Product or line layout (b) Process or functional layout (c) Fixed position or location layout (d) Combined or group layout. 5. Production or Line layout  Machines and equipments are arranged in one line depending upon the sequence of operations required for the product.

What is the importance of plant layout?

Plant layout is a significant factor in the timely execution of orders. An ideal layout eliminates such causes of delays as shortage of space, long-distance movements of materials, spoiled work and thus contributes to the speedy execution of orders.

What does plant layout involve?

Plant layout is the arrangement of machines, work areas and service areas within a factory. Plant layout involves the development of physical relationship among building, equipment and production operations, which will enable the manufacturing process to be carried on efficiently.

What are the factors influencing plant location?

1. Selection of Region:

  • Availability of Raw Materials:
  • Proximity to Markets:
  • Transport Facilities:
  • Availability of Power, Fuel or Gas:
  • Water Supply:
  • Disposal Facility for Waste Products:
  • Climatic and Atmospheric Conditions:
  • Availability of Labour:

What is the objective of a plant location decision?

The basic objective of plant location decision is to determine the minimum cost level in keeping view of all input costs. The chosen location decision should permit minimization of both long-term and short- term costs.

What are the objectives of a plant layout?

The layout should be so designed as to reduce work bottlenecks and facilitate uninterrupted flow of work throughout the plant. The layout should aim at effecting economy in terms of investment in fixed assets. A good layout should facilitate effective supervision over workers.

Why is the location of a plant important?

The objective of plant location decision-making is to minimise the sum of all costs affected by location. (i) Location influences plant layout facilities needed. (ii) Location influences capital investment and operating costs. Location decisions are strategic, long-term and non-repetitive in nature.

Which is the best chapter for plant location?

1. JJ619 INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT PLANT LOCATION, LAYOUT AND LINE BALANCING CHAPTER 2 JABATAN KEJURUTERAAN MEKANIKAL POLITEKNIK SULTAN HAJI AHMAD SHAH 2. SUMMARY This topic covers plan location and layout, facilities layout, processes selection, line balancing and network analysis.