What is sentence of maze?

What is sentence of maze?

CK 268047 The boy could not find his way out of the maze. CK 30242 I finally found my way out of the confusing maze. CK 246117 The northernmost part of the city is a maze of alleys. CM 36707 No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the maze. [S] [T] This maze is very hard to get out of. (

What is maize and maze?

Maize is corn, a tall grass that grows edible seeds on a cob. The word maize may also refer to a light yellow color. A maze is a puzzle consisting of a complex network of lines, hedges or other obstructions through which one must find the true path in order to get to the end. …

What is maize in a sentence?

Maize sentence example. Wheat, maize , oats, barley and rye are the chief agricultural products. Maize is the staple food of the Kaffirs. The production of maize is, however, insufficient, and 208,719 tons were imported in 1902about double the amount imported in 1882.

Does maze come from maize?

A corn maze or maize maze is a maze cut out of a corn field. Originally, the first full-size corn maze was believed to be created in Annville, Pennsylvania in 1993; however, similar corn mazes were highlighted in newspapers as early as 1982.

What do you mean by maze?

1a : a confusing intricate network of passages. b : something confusingly elaborate or complicated a maze of regulations. 2 chiefly dialectal : a state of bewilderment.

How do you use the word rage?

feel intense anger.

  1. The rage of a wild boar is able to spoil more than one wood.
  2. He was champing with rage at the delay.
  3. He quivered all over with rage.
  4. His face turned purple with rage.
  5. Sue stormed out of the room in a rage.
  6. She blazed with impotent rage.
  7. In a frenzy of rage she hit him.
  8. His voice trembled with rage.

Is maize and corn same?

Corn and maize are simply two different terms used by different regions to describe one of the most versatile and essential grain crops. Corn is mainly used in North America, however in the UK and other parts of the world, maize is more commonly used.

Why is corn called maize?

But what made us call it “corn”? The more technical name for the big green stalk, maize, came to English from the Spanish maiz, a barely altered version of the Taino (the language native to Hispaniola, the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic) word for the plant, mahiz.

What is the example of maize?

Waxy corn
Dent cornAmylomaizeFlint corn
Corn/Lower classifications

What is a synonym for maize?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for maize, like: corn, wheat, oilseed, lemon yellow, glyphosate-tolerant, soyabean, , NK603, sugarbeet, milo and yellow.

What do we call Makka in English?

/makkā/ mn. maize uncountable noun. Maize is a tall plant which produces corn.

What is maze and example?

The definition of a maze is a system of paths that is difficult to navigate. An example of a maze is a labyrinth of tall corn stalks. An example of a maze is a series of regulations that are confusing and seem to contradict each other. noun.

What’s the difference between a maize and a maize maze?

Corn mazes are a popular autumn pastime in many regions. Interestingly, since corn is a synonym for maize, these puzzles could also be called maize mazes. To do so would be needlessly confusing, so this usage has never gained popularity.

Where can I find maize in a sentence?

The average small farmer in Chiapas, Mexico, for example, produces maize, squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, numerous vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants. In addition to maize, Mn SOD has been found in the mitochondria of tobacco, mung beans, watermelon, carnations, peas, spinach, and some other plants.

Where was maize first grown in the United States?

Maize, or corn, was first grown in Mexico roughly 10,000 years ago. Today, it is the most abundant crop in the United States. Its uses include food for humans and animals, biofuels, and the production of artificial food additive products.

What’s the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?

A maze typically consists of several branching paths, many of which lead to dead ends, with only one or very few possible unblocked routes that can be followed to successful completion of the puzzle. If the maze has only one, extremely convoluted path, it is sometimes called a labyrinth.