What is the AFSC for security forces?

What is the AFSC for security forces?

Members of the Air Force Security Forces, which is Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 3P0X1 are tasked with providing force protection duties, guarding weapons, air bases and Air Force personnel from possible dangers.

What AFSC is 17S?

A 17S Cyberwarfare officer is responsible for offensive cyber operations (OCO) or defensive cyber operations (DCO). Those positions are often seen as more desirable due to advanced training opportunities.

What is a security forces officer?

A Security Forces Officer is a leader equipped with the physical and mental capabilities to manage the security on a base. And to do that, they need a breadth of knowledge in weapon systems, antiterrorism, law enforcement, air base defense and combat arms. To learn more, visit the Security Forces Officer career page.

Does Air Force security forces get a badge?

The Air Force Security Forces Shield is a military badge of the United States Air Force Security Forces. The shield is awarded to all Security Forces members upon graduation from the Security Forces Academy. A similar decoration to the Air Force Security Forces shield is the Air Force Fire Protection Badge.

Does Security Forces deploy a lot?

Security forces are typically mobilized for nine months, which includes training and the 179-day deployment overseas. Other career fields in the Air Force generally deploy for 120 days, said Obetz.

Are Security Forces boring?

The life of a Security Forces specialist is one spent guarding a gate for hours on end, checking ID’s, and driving around the base. It can be a very tedious job, oftentimes being tasked with simply staring at a door for 12 hours. Security Forces endure a job that is both physically and mentally exhausting.

What is the AFSC code for pilot?

All pilots have an AFSC of 11XX.

What is a 11X pilot?

According to the Air Force, pilots in the 11X category, that is, any pilot of a manned aircraft, are eligible for the maximum $225,000 bonus. Pilots under the 11X designator can extend their contract by five years, fragging them for $125,000, or until they reach 20 years of aviation service–up to nine years.

Do Security Forces officers see combat?

The USAF security forces can be deployed to a combat zone if needed, but most of the time they are protecting bases that they are currently deployed at. Yes we do get deployed to fight in combat, but as often as the marines or army.

When can I wear my 7 level badge?

Wear the basic badge after completing technical school. Wear the senior badge after award of the 7-skill level, and the master badge as a master sergeant or above with 5 years in the specialty from award of the 7-skill level.

How do you become a security forces officer?


  1. MINIMUM EDUCATION. Bachelor’s degree with specialization in one of the following: sociology, criminology, police administration, criminal justice or a related area.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS. Knowledge of Air Force Security Forces programs and related security. Additional requirements specific to specialty.

Do Security Forces see combat?

What are the duties of security forces?

What Are the Responsibilities of the Air Force Security Forces? Duties of Air Force Security Forces. The use of deadly force to protect Air Force personnel and resources are among the serious responsibilities of security forces. Military Working Dog Teams. Qualifications for Air Force Security Forces. Training for Air Force Security Forces. Advanced Security Forces Training.

What is security forces officer?

Security Forces Officer. Lead, manage and direct Security Forces personnel and activities. Protect nuclear and conventional weapons systems and other resources. Lead and organize Security Forces operations. Develop Security Forces plans, policies, procedures and instructions.

What is the goal of the security forces?

The Security Force’s main goal is to keep the people, planes, base, weapons (even nuclear), and the surrounding area safe from any threat , including the intrusion by unauthorized people.

What does USAF Special Tactics Officer DO?

A United States Air Force Special Tactics Officer ( AFSC 13CX) is a United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) officer who manages the training and equipping of U.S. Air Force ground special operations.