What is the circumference of a 3 m circle?

What is the circumference of a 3 m circle?

Answer. We know that C = 2πr. Since the radius is 3m, we know that C = π x 6m = C= 18.84m (to 2 decimal places).

What is the area of the diameter is 3 Metres?

Solution : A semicircular flower bed has a diameter of 3 meters. Therefore, the area of the flower bed is 3.53 m².

What is the area of a diameter?

The diameter of the circle is double the radius of the circle. Hence the area of the circle formula using the diameter is equal to π/4 times the square of the diameter of the circle. The formula for the area of the circle, using the diameter of the circle π/4 × diameter2.

What is the formula for finding the circumference of a circle?

To calculate the circumference of a circle, use the formula C = πd, where “C” is the circumference, “d” is the diameter, and π is 3.14. If you have the radius instead of the diameter, multiply it by 2 to get the diameter.

How do you calculate circumference using diameter?

To calculate circumference (C) from a circle’s diameter, multiply the diameter by π, or C = πd. To calculate circumference from a circle’s radius, multiply the radius by 2, and then multiply the result by π, or C = 2rπ.

How do you find the diameter if you have the circumference?

If you know the radius of the circle, multiply it by 2 to find the diameter. If the radius of a circle is 2.47 cm, the diameter is 2.47 cm * 2, which equals 4.94 cm. If you know the circumference of a circle you can divide it by pi (3.14) to get the diameter (circumference = pi * diameter).

Is the circumference and area of a circle the same?

The circumference of a circle is a line, which is one-dimensional, which means it has length but zero width. The area of a circle, in contrast, is two-dimensional. This is the essential difference. The consequence of this is that circumference is measured in units like centrimetres, or inches, or miles.