What is the conflict in Chapter 3 of Freak the Mighty?

What is the conflict in Chapter 3 of Freak the Mighty?

The third conflict is with Max’s dad, Killer Kane. Killer Kane has been imprisoned since Max was four years old for killing Max’s mother. When Kane is released on parole, he kidnaps Max and takes him to a hideout provided by Iggy Lee.

What are some of the conflicts in Freak the Mighty?

The main conflict in “Freak The Mighty” is two boys’ battles with themselves and their respective disabilities. Kevin has an extraordinary intellect but has been crippled from birth and wears leg braces. Max is physically powerful but mentally weak. Together, they learn to overcome these shortcomings.

What was the first conflict in Freak the Mighty?

The primary external conflict in Rodman Philbrick’s story Freak the Mighty concerns Max’s attempt to escape from his father Kenny “Killer” Kane, who kidnaps him shortly after being released from prison. Kenny “Killer” Kane murdered Max’s mother and was sent to prison for eight years.

What is Max’s internal conflict?

What is Max’s internal conflict? Max Kane’s internal conflict concerns his identity and self-esteem. As the son of Killer Kane, Max struggles to overcome his negative reputation and develop his own identity. Max even recognizes that his own grandparents fear him because he resembles his murderous father.

Where does Max take Freak at the end of Chapter 3?

At the end of Chapter 3 in Freak the Mighty, Max picks Freak up, places him in the wagon, and pulls him to his house to show him his room (14): I figure it’s easier to show him than explain all about Gram and Gram and the room in the cellar, so I pick up the handle to the American Flyer wagon and I tow him over.

What is the main conflict in the mighty?

The main conflicts in the story are internal. Both boys are struggling with the inadequacies of their own bodies or minds. In other words, Max has to learn to deal with being “slow” and Kevin has to learn to deal with not having a body that works. The external conflicts are between Max and Kevin and the bullies.

What freaks internal conflict?

Freak the Mighty is told from Max Kane’s point of view. He shares his internal conflict over his identity. He is the son of Killer Kane, and as a result, he feels that his worth as a person is diminished. This is an internal conflict for him.

Why is Max frightened at the beginning of Chapter 3?

Max was scared because Kevin kept speaking to him like a robot and he didn’t understand. At first he thought it was something against him but realized he is an earthling. Why was Kevin waving his crutch at the tree? So he can get his ornithopter down that was stuck.

What are the conflicts in Freak The Mighty?

In ‘Freak the Mighty’ by Rodman Philbrick, Max and Kevin face both internal and external conflicts. In this lesson, we will learn more about the conflicts that exist throughout this story.

What are the external and internal conflicts about freak?

Another external conflict concerns Max and Kevin’s struggle to avoid violent bullies like Tony D. Max; Kevin’s struggle to defeat Killer Kane after he kidnaps… (The entire section contains 4 answers and 689 words.) Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.

Who are the main characters in the book Freak?

At the start of the story, Max is an introverted boy with low self-esteem and few friends. However, Max develops a meaningful friendship with his close friend Kevin “Freak” and gains confidence.

Why does Kevin have physical limitations in Freak The Mighty?

Kevin has physical limitations because Morquio syndrome has stunted his growth and created health and mobility problems. Max is learning disabled. With Kevin’s help, Max is able to overcome his reading problems. With Max’s help, Kevin is able to become mobile by riding on Max’s shoulders.