What is the cost of Anne Klein watch?

What is the cost of Anne Klein watch?

Best Anne Klein Watches for Men and Women with price list

Anne Klein watches For Women with price list Price
Round Analog Rose Gold Dial Ladies Watch – AK1930RGRG 7250
Round Analog Blue Dial Ladies Watch – AK2388RGNV 11700
Round Analog Gold Tone Dial Ladies Watch – AK3000GNGB 9499

Is Anne Klein expensive?

Enjoy the always-affordable pricing of the Anne Klein brand. Anne Klein is a brand with a reputation for providing fabulous looking, classy, high quality, and comfortable apparel and you immediately associate the brand as high end. However, despite that Anne Klein products are amazingly affordable.

Who makes watches for Anne Klein?

Sutton time
AK Anne Klein watches are made by Sutton time which is the same maker of Armitron watches. All of Anne Klein watch styles are designed with the same inspiration that Ann Klein used in all her clothing line. Some of the most popular line of AK watches are the diamond and crystal watch series.

Is Anne Klein related to Calvin Klein?

Anne Klein was an American Fashion Designer who founded her own womens sportswear and apperal lable. Calvin Klein is an American fashion Designer who launchd the company that later became Calvin Klein Inc. In addition to clothing klein also gave his name to perfume, watches and jewlery. Anne & Calvin were Not related.

Who owns Anne Klein?

WHP Global
The Company Anne Klein is an American privately held company owned by WHP Global who acquired the brand in July 2019. Today the brand sells a full lifestyle assortment from apparel, to footwear to watches to jewelry and is sold in 60 countries worldwide.

What is the logo for Anne Klein?

lion logo
What signature Anne Klein design devices were used to relate the eyewear collection to other Anne Klein brand products? The lion logo is a staple across all categories, signifying Anne’s zodiac sign, the Leo.

Does Anne Klein make petite clothing?

Anne Klein Petite Sale: Women’s Petite Clothing on Sale – Macy’s.