What is the current status of Popocatepetl?

What is the current status of Popocatepetl?

Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano erupted on Thursday with a dramatic show of lava and a cloud of ash and rocks that reached 3,000m (9,800ft) into the sky. No-one was hurt. Popocatépetl is an active stratovolcano, 70km (43 miles) south-east of the capital, Mexico City.

When did Popocatepetl erupt in 2021?

Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico) news and eruption updates / 4-24 Sep, 2021 / VolcanoDiscovery.

What region is Popocatepetl in?


Popocatépetl Location in Mexico Show map of Mexico Show map of North America Show all
Location Mexico-Puebla-Morelos, Mexico
Mountain type Stratovolcano

Is Popocatepetl a supervolcano?

Frequent historical eruptions, first recorded in Aztec codices, have occurred since precolumbian time. Popocatepetl, the second highest volcano in Mexico, is a giant stratovolcano, 70 km (~45 miles) southeast of downtown Mexico City, and 45 km (~30 miles) southwest of the city of Puebla.

What type of eruption does Popocatepetl have?

Volcán Popocatépetl is an active stratovolcano near Mexico City that has had frequent historical eruptions dating back to the 14th century.

Is Mexico City inside a volcano?

Over a million live within 35 km of the volcanoes. Satellite image of Mexico City, Parque Nacional Iztaccihuatl – Popocatepetl, and Puebla City. It is a massive volcano of 450 km3, built of four overlapping cones constructed along a NNW – SSE – line to south of the ancestral Llano Grande caldera.

What’s the worst volcano in the world?

Which volcanic eruptions were the deadliest?

Eruption Year Casualties
Mount St. Helens, Washington 1980 573
Kilauea, Hawaii 1924 11
Lassen Peak, California 1915 04
Mount Vesuvius, Italy 79 A.D. 3,3602

What kind of activity is there at Popocatepetl?

Activity during November 2020 at Popocatépetl consisted primarily of weak emissions of steam and gas with occasional small quantities of ash that rose a short distance above the summit crater such as this one on 2 November. Courtesy of CENAPRED (Reporte del monitoreo de CENAPRED al volcán Popocatépetl hoy 02 de noviembre).

Is the Popocatepetl volcano active or dormant?

Popocatépetl is currently active after being dormant for about half of last century. Its activity increased in 1991 and smoke has been seen constantly emanating from the crater since 1993. The volcano is monitored by the Deep Earth Carbon Degassing Project.

When did the explosion at Popocatepetl take place?

CENAPRED reported that at 1348 on 1 January an explosion at Popocatépetl generated a plume with low ash content that rose 0.5 km above the crater rim and drifted SE. Each day during 3-9 January there were 110-588 emissions, some of which contained minor amounts of ash.

When was the last time Popocatepetl had a tremor?

CENAPRED reported the number of exhalations (low-intensity emissions) and the number of minutes of tremor at Popocatépetl in their daily reports. Tremor activity was very high at the beginning of August, and then again during January 2021 (yellow columns).