What is the definition of cool in slang?

What is the definition of cool in slang?

Moore, the most popular slang term of approval in English. But starting around the 1930s, cool began appearing in American English as an extremely casual expression to mean something like ‘intensely good. ‘ This usage also distinguished the speaker, italicizing their apartness from mainstream culture.

What is the meaning of that’s cool?

stylish If you say that someone is cool, you mean that they are fashionable and attractive. He was trying to be really cool and trendy.

What does cool mean from a girl?

Being the cool girl means you embrace one-night stands and almost relationships, even when the only thing you want is a serious relationship. It means you change your desires to fit whatever your man wants at the time.

How can you tell if someone is cool?

19 Traits Of A Cool Person: Defining What Makes Someone Cool

  1. They don’t get jealous.
  2. They’re independent.
  3. They’re happy in their own company.
  4. They’re comfortable with who they are.
  5. They are confident in their abilities.
  6. They stick to their principles.
  7. They’re open-minded.
  8. They’re good at expressing themselves.

What can I text instead of cool?

41 alternatives to the word ‘cool’

  • Astonishing.
  • Bewitching.
  • Brilliant.
  • Captivating.
  • Charming.
  • Copacetic.
  • Delightful.
  • Dashing.

What can I say instead of awesome?

Synonyms & Antonyms of awesome

  • amazing,
  • astonishing,
  • astounding,
  • awful,
  • eye-opening,
  • fabulous,
  • marvelous.
  • (or marvellous),

When a guy says you are a cool girl?

3. The word cool is arbitrary. It means one thing to you and another thing to me. So when a guy says someone is a “cool girl,” he is basically saying that she embodies, or at least appears to embody, every single trait that he personally deems necessary for a woman to have in order for him to even consider dating her.

Is cool a compliment?

When a woman is described as being “cool,” it’s because she embodies stereotypical male traits. Being called a Cool Girl, is the ultimate compliment a woman can receive from a man.

What is a cool girl?

In movies, the cool girl reflects the male protagonists’ interests – someone who is the composite of male desire, someone who is paradoxically living a “masculine” lifestyle but exists at the pinnacle of femininity when it comes to her external appearance.

Who’s the coolest person on earth?

TOP 10 Coolest People

  1. Morgan Freeman. Cool Things about him:
  2. JK Rowling. Cool things about her:
  3. David Beckham. Cool things about him:
  4. Emma Watson. Cool things about her:
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio. Cool things about him:
  6. Brad Pitt. Cool things about him:
  7. Angelina Jolie. Cool things about her:
  8. Christian Bale. Cool things about him:

What’s a big word for beautiful?

admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, inviting …

What can I say instead of hey?

synonyms for hey

  • greetings.
  • hi.
  • howdy.
  • welcome.
  • bonjour.
  • buenas noches.
  • buenos dias.
  • good day.

What does cool mean to U?

Cool is a descriptor of the man who is a dad, not of a parenting style. Parenting in a cool way might be possible on some level, but performative parenting, prioritizing the opinions of others over…

What is the definition of being cool?

1. moderately cold; neither warm nor cold. 2. imparting a sensation of coolness: a cool breeze. 3. permitting relief from heat: a cool dress. 4. not excited; calm: remained cool in the face of disaster.

What is the definition of cool slang?

When used in slang, “cool” is essentially an adjective describing something as very good, excellent, better than the usual, or beyond acceptable, in a very fashionable and typically youthful way. Other synonyms in American slang are “hip”, “smooth”, and the outdated “groovy”. To issue the command, “Be cool,” then simply means, ‘act cool.’.