What is the difference between appareil photo and camera?

What is the difference between appareil photo and camera?

So “un appareil photo” is a camera for pictures and “une caméra” is a camera for filming. There’s also “caméscope”, which refers to a specific type of video camera.

How much did a daguerreotype cost?

The price of a daguerreotype, at the height of its popularity in the early 1850’s, ranged from 25 cents for a sixteenth plate (of 1 5/8 inches by 1 3/8 inches) to 50 cents for a low-quality “picture factory” likeness to $2 for a medium-sized portrait at Matthew Brady’s Broadway studio.

What is camera film in French?

(for camera) pellicule f , film m.

How do you say camera in different languages?

In other languages camera

  1. Arabic: كَامِيرَا
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: câmera fotográfica.
  3. Chinese: 照相机
  4. Croatian: fotoaparat.
  5. Czech: fotoaparát.
  6. Danish: kamera.
  7. Dutch: camera.
  8. European Spanish: cámara aparato.

Is photo feminine or masculine in French?

Some words that appear to be masculine (like la photo, which is actually short for la photographie) are in fact feminine, and vice versa.

Is Les Vetements masculine or feminine?

The French word for a piece of clothing is “un vêtement” and it’s masculine. Clothes are usually used in the plural: “les vêtements“, and it’s also the word used for clothing.

Which was the most common daguerreotype size?

Varied, but were often were sized to fit daguerreotype cases. The sixth-plate is the most popular size, measuring 2¾” × 3¼” . Additional sizes include the full plate: 6½” × 8½” ; half-plate: 4¼” × 5½” ; quarter-plate: 3¼” × 4¼” ; ninth-plate: 2″ × 2½” ; and the sixteenth-plate: 1⅜” × 1⅝” .

What is accident in French?

More French words for accident. les accident noun. casualty, wreck, trouble, smash, accidence. le hasard noun.

What do you call a camera in other languages?

In other languages camera. British English: camera /ˈkæmərə; ˈkæmrə/ NOUN. A camera is a piece of equipment for taking photographs or for making a film. …a video camera. American English: camera. Arabic: كَامِيرَا. Brazilian Portuguese: câmera fotográfica.

What do you call the opening of a camera lens?

An aperture is the opening of a camera lens that controls the amount of light allowed to pass through and actually contact the film. Aperture is part of the exposure triangle with shutter speed and ISO. An apple box is a different sized (quarter, half, full, pancake) wooden boxes used for a variety of purposes.

What are the different types of sheet film cameras?

The large-format camera, taking sheet film, is a direct successor of the early plate cameras and remained in use for high quality photography and for technical, architectural and industrial photography. There are three common types, the view camera with its monorail and field camera variants, and the press camera.

Who was the first official photographer to a French head of State?

It was Gustave Le Gray who was the first official photographer to a French head of state – Prince-President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, (nephew of Napoleon I) who went on to become Emperor in 1852.