What is the focus of personnel management?

What is the focus of personnel management?

Personnel management focuses on the maintenance of all personnel and administrative systems, whereas human resource management has a more strategic approach, forecasting the organisation’s needs and continuously monitoring and adjusting all systems.

What is the difference between HR and personnel management?

Personnel management primarily focuses on ordinary activities, such as employee hiring, remunerating, training, and harmony. On the contrary, human resource management focuses on treating employees as valued assets, which are to be valued, used and preserved.

What are the duties of personnel department?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs A personnel, or human resources, department is a department within an organization that is responsible for all employee services. This department’s duties include attracting, maintaining and motivating employees while ensuring an organization’s goals are met and values are upheld.

What are the types of personnel management?

Three types of personnel management

  • Strategic personnel management. Strategic personnel management primarily focuses on current and future staffing needs.
  • Tactical personnel management.
  • Operational personnel management.

What are the characteristics of personnel management?


  • (a) It is concerned With Employees:
  • (b) It is concerned With Personnel Policies:
  • (c) Creation of Cordial Environment:
  • (d) It is of a Continuous Nature:
  • (e) It Ensures Economic, Social and Individual Satisfaction:

What are the example of personnel management?

For example, at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the government department responsible for managing federal employees, key functions include vetting potential new hires, developing human resources policies, and administering benefits such as pensions and health care.

What are the advantages of personnel management?

Good personnel management is responsible for creating and maintaining a harmonious working environment. This includes ensuring that the compensation and benefits strategy for the business encourages success, employee disciplinary and grievance procedures, effective communication, and solid health and safety policies.

What are the basic principle of personnel management?

Traditionally, personnel management system is concerned primarily with the five basic sub-systems, namely recruiting, placement training, compensation (pay, fringe benefits etc.) and maintenance.

What are the main features of personnel management?

Personnel Management – Scope: Organizational Planning & Development, Staffing and Employment, Training and Development and a Few Others

  • Organizational Planning and Development.
  • Staffing and Employment.
  • Training and Development.
  • Compensation, Wage and Salary Administration.
  • Employee Services and Benefits.
  • Employee Records.

What is the function of a personnel manager?

Personnel management is sometimes referred to as human resources, when one or more people are responsible for managing the welfare and performance of everyone within the organization. The function of a personnel manager usually begins with the staffing process.

What’s the difference between Personnel Management and Human Resources?

Personnel management deals with human resources of a concern. In context to human resources, it manages both individual as well as blue- collar workers. Personnel manager is the head of personnel department.

What is Personnel Management in the balance careers?

She has covered HR for The Balance Careers since 2000. Personnel management involves the administrative tasks that address the hiring and compensation of a company’s employees. As a discipline, it aims to recruit and retain the quality workforce necessary for an organization to meet its goals.

Who is the head of the personnel department?

Personnel management deals with human resources of a concern. In context to human resources, it manages both individual as well as blue- collar workers. Personnel manager is the head of personnel department. He performs both managerial and operative functions of management.