What is the highest rated Disney Channel show?

What is the highest rated Disney Channel show?

Shake It Up certainly had its moments with good dance numbers and even better original music (Stream “Watch Me”!) It also has the honor of being the most-watched series premiere in Disney Channel history with 6.2 MILLION viewers!

Is Hannah Montana the most successful Disney show?

Hannah Montana is one of Disney Channel’s most commercially successful franchises; it received consistently high viewership in the United States on broadcast television and influenced the development of merchandise, soundtrack albums, and concert tours. Television critics praised the show for its humor and music.

Is Miley’s hair a wig?

Cyrus also told Stern that she can trace the obsession with her hair back to her “Hannah Montana” days, when her character, Miley Stewart, would transform into the titular pop star by putting on a blond wig. “My hair is some sort of reflection for my sanity, my sexuality, my sobriety,” Cyrus continued.

What is the saddest Hannah Montana episode?

Here are the sappy moments when Miley Stewart and her gang made us feel all the feels.

  • When Miley reunited with her mom in a dream.
  • When Miley’s dad let her go to Florida without him.
  • When the Stewarts moved away.
  • When Miley’s horse got sick.
  • When Miley revealed her secret to the world.

What is the most hated Disney show?

The Ten WORST Disney Channel Shows

  • 8-Dog with a Blog. This is one of those shows that COULD have worked better if the showrunners simply took their good ideas to their logical extreme.
  • 7- The Buzz on Maggie.
  • 6- So Random!
  • 5- Jonas.
  • 4- Bunk’d (post Season 3)
  • 3- Shorty McShort’s Shorts.
  • 2- Bizaardvark.
  • 1- Shake it Up.

What is the longest running show on Disney Channel?

Wizards of Waverly Place
In January 2012, Wizards of Waverly Place ended its run on the channel, becoming Disney Channel’s longest-running original series with 106 episodes (the record for the channel’s longest-running series was formerly held by That’s So Raven, which ran for 100 episodes).

Why did Miley Cyrus dye her hair?

Justin Anderson, Cyrus’ go-to colorist and co-founder of dpHUE, told Refinery29 that the two decided to touch up the singer’s look ahead of her forthcoming trilogy of EPs. “We wanted to change it up a bit for her new music coming out,” explains Anderson. “We decided to brighten it up and took it much lighter.”

Does Miley Cyrus dye her hair?

The singer just revealed on her Instagram that she dyed her light brown and blonde hair platinum like her Disney Channel alter ego. She added blunt bangs to replicate her Disney character’s iconic long blonde locks. In the show, Cyrus wore a wig when she was Hannah, her pop star persona.

How is Hannah Montana different from Miley Cyrus?

The directors named her Hannah Montana, because of the rhyme. In seasons 1-4, Hannah Montana has blonde hair and brown streaks, which is a main difference between her and the brunette Miley, although Hannah also wears more extravagant outfits and make-up and sometimes large sunglasses.

Where did Hannah Montana first appear in Suite Life?

Her first appearance was in That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, at the final, when she will be staying at the Tipton for a concert in Boston. Later than her first walk, many of the characters resemble by Hannah’s fans.

Who is the main character in Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is an American pop star and the eponymous main protagonist of the Hannah Montana series. The directors named her Hannah Montana, because of the rhyme.

Why did Hannah Montana fight with London Tipton?

London Tipton and Hannah Montana are having a catfight over my dress!!. However, when Hannah fights with London, her ring gets caught in the dress and it tears (off camera) and it doesn’t go well with Raven and Maddie. “On the Road Again?”