What is the main idea of Phaethon?

What is the main idea of Phaethon?

The theme of this myth is pride and dont let your pride get the best of you. Such as, in the story Phaethon just couldn’t believe that someone would doubt him and just to prove him wrong he went all the trouble of traveling all the way to the sun temple in india and riding HELIOS’S chariot.

What is the symbol for the Greek god Helios?

Symbol sun, chariot, horses, aureole
Day Sunday (hēméra Hēlíou)
Personal information
Parents Hyperion and Theia

Who is Phaeton in Roman mythology?

Phaeton (or Phaethon, the ‘shining one’) was the son of a water nymph, Clymene, and, allegedly, the sun god Helios. In order to confirm that he really was his father, Helios promised by the river Styx to grant Phaeton any wish. Phaeton asked to drive the sun god’s chariot.

What was the story of Phaethon in Greek mythology?

THE STORY OF PHAETHON IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY. The name of Phaethon was a common one in Greek mythology, with a son of Eos, and indeed one of the Dawn goddess’ horses, both named such. The most famous Phaethon in Greek mythology though, was a son of Helios.

What was the unthinkable request of Phaethon?

It proved to be a rash promise, for swearing on the Styx formed an unbreakable promise, and when Phaethon asked for the unthinkable, Helios was left with no option but to agree. The unthinkable request of Phaethon was that the young man wished to drive Helios’ chariot across the sky for one day.

Who was the son of Apollo and Phaethon?

shining one. Phaethon. Phaethon was a name given to different figures in Greek mythology, but the best known was the son of the Oceanid nymph Clymene and either the god Apollo or Helios; both of those gods were associated with the sun. Some sources attribute different characters as his parents.

What was the name of Phaethon’s four horses?

The Fall of Phaethon. The four horses of Helios, Aethon, Eous, Phlegon and Pyrois, are then harnessed up, and with night dismissed, Phaethon sets of on Helios’ chariot. Almost immediately though, there are problems, for Phaethon cannot control the horses, and the chariot veers upwards and downwards violently.