What is the main idea of the poem vagabond?

What is the main idea of the poem vagabond?

Question 13: What is the main idea of the poem ‘The Vagabond’? Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem The Vagabond celebrates the glorious freedom and independence of a tramp’s life. All the four stanzas repeatedly emphasize the unrestrained joys of an independent life in the outdoors free from all hassles.

What does the poem autumn mean vagabond?

In “The Vagabond,” these lines mean that the vagabond doesn’t care how bad the weather will get. He loves the freedom of the open road, even if it means that autumn will descend on him when he’s lingering in a field.

What does jolly heaven mean?

Means: Give me the kind of life I love to live and let the rest of the world pass me by. Give the jolly heaven above/And the byway nigh me. Means: Give me the great outdoors where I can see the heavens, and give me the road beside me to travel.

What does Biting the blue finger?

In this poem, the phrase “blue finger” is an example of synecdoche; the part (finger) is being used to represent the whole (the whole person). The speaker tells us that autumn is “silencing” a bird and “biting” the finger as a way of telling us that the cold is very strong.

What kind of poem is The Vagabond?

Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Vagabond” is a poem about a wandering heart who seeks nothing other than a vagrant, gypsy life. The uncertainty, directionless journey, and a life without anchored to worldly comforts attract the poet the most.

What message does the poet want to give through the poem?

Through the poem, the poet wants to convey the message that one should always take decisions after careful thought and keeping in mind the welfare of others. Absent-minded decisions lead to lawlessness and chaos in the life of individuals and society.

What does the poet say about Autumn and winter?

The only time he talks specifically about autumn and winter is in the third stanza. Autumn is described here not as a beautiful season in which the leaves on the trees turn golden and the land yields its mellow fruitfulness. In both seasons, he describes coming inside to a “fireside” as a “haven” from the cold.

What does the vagabond like to see while lying in bed?

Ans: The vagabond likes to see the stars while lying in bed.

What do you think is a vagabond?

Answer: A vagabond is a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. Being homeless or jobless is a choice that he has made in order to be free from anything that can stop him from leading a happy life.

What does the word biting signify?

If you describe a remark as biting, you mean that it was strongly critical, often accurate, and likely to hurt someone’s feelings: He delivered a biting attack on political favoritism.

What are the advantages of being a vagabond?

The solitary life of a vagabond has a sort of spiritual and they can found peace in their isolation. The simplicity of their life was all that they want. Another advantage of being a vagabond is the proximity to nature and they are truly dependent on what nature gives them.