What is the meaning of Unredressed?

What is the meaning of Unredressed?

: not set right : not compensated for : not redressed an unredressed injustice a grievance that remains unredressed.

Is Unredressed a word?

Definition of “unredressed” [unredressed] “”A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser. “”

What’s a synonym for Unredressed?

Unred, unredacted, unredeemable, unredeemed, unredressable, unreduced, unreel, unreeling, unreeve, unreeving.

What part of speech is Unredressed?


part of speech: adjective
definition: not corrected or remedied. The town council agreed to take action, yet the problem remains unredressed.
related words: redressed, un-

What is the meaning of immolation?

1 : to kill or destroy especially by fire. 2 : to offer in sacrifice especially : to kill as a sacrificial victim. Other Words from immolate Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About immolate.

What does Flambeaux mean in English?

flaming torch
: a flaming torch broadly : torch.

What are the synonyms for retribution?

synonyms for retribution

  • comeuppance.
  • compensation.
  • reckoning.
  • redress.
  • reprisal.
  • retaliation.
  • revenge.
  • vengeance.

What strategies would you use if you found a word you did not know in your text?

Below are five strategies I encourage students to use when they encounter new words in a text.

  • Look at the parts of the word.
  • Break down the sentence.
  • Hunt for clues.
  • Think about connotative meaning (ideas, feelings, or associations beyond the dictionary definition).

What means bursar?

: an officer (as of a monastery or college) in charge of funds : treasurer.

What is the meaning of retributive?

1 : recompense, reward. 2 : the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment especially in the hereafter. 3 : something given or exacted in recompense especially : punishment.

What is called Draught?

Draught is the British spelling of the word draft. A cold burst of wind, a swig or a serving of a drink, the act of pulling a heavy load, and the depth of a ship below the surface of the water: each of these can be called a draught.

What do you call someone who seeks retribution?

Revengeful is used to describe someone who is determined to get revenge—retaliation against or punishment of someone for some kind of harm that they caused or wrongdoing that they did (whether real or perceived). Revengeful also means inclined to seek revenge. The adjective vindictive is a close synonym.

Which is the best definition of the word unredressed?

Definition of unredressed : not set right : not compensated for : not redressed an unredressed injustice a grievance that remains unredressed Examples of unredressed in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web With a discerning eye for detail, Haroun depicts the moral and physical toll of endemic and unredressed violence.

Which is the correct definition of the word redress?

Redress may refer either to the act of setting right an unjust situation (as by some power), or to satisfaction sought or gained for a wrong suffered: the redress of grievances. Reparation means compensation or satisfaction for a wrong or loss inflicted.

Why are unredressed torts considered a canker in society?

‘However, it may be thought that unredressed torts would be regarded as a canker in society, and to that extent the law can still be regarded as having a pacificatory aim.’ ‘Most people want international law to be applied fairly and consistently, and understand that at the root of much of the conflict in the world lies unredressed injustice.’

When is a wrong ” unredressed ” in classic literature?

References in classic literature? A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.