What is the mission of the NJROTC program quizlet?

What is the mission of the NJROTC program quizlet?

The mission of the NJROTC program is to instill what values in students? Citizenship, service to the US, and Personal Responsibility. You just studied 19 terms!

What is the goal of NJROTC training?

The NJROTC Program goals are to instill in high school students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. These goals are met by teaching specific objectives based on the core values of the United States Navy: HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT.

What is the mission of JROTC * Your answer?

The stated mission of JROTC is “motivating young people to be better citizens.” The vision of this Congress-mandated program is “to provide quality leadership, character, and leadership development, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions.”

What are the core values of NJROTC?

As a member of the NJROTC program, you have chosen to dedicate yourself to the Core Values of honor, courage, and commitment. These build a foundation of trust and leadership upon which your NJROTC unit is based.

What are the 10 goals of NJROTC?

1. Promote patriotism.

  • Promote patriotism.
  • Develop informed and responsible citizens.
  • Promote habits of orderliness and precision.
  • Develop respect for and an understanding of the need for constituted authority in a democratic society.
  • Provide incentives to live healthy and drug-free lives.
  • Develop leadership potential.

Who do the NJROTC instructors work for?

WHO ARE THE NJROTC INSTRUCTORS? NJROTC instructors may be retired Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel, E-6 through O-6, who have served a minimum of 20 years of active duty or have retired under the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA).

What are the ranks in NJROTC?

NJROTC Ranks and Rates

Rank Abbreviation Rate
Ensign C/Ens O-1
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) C/LT(j.g.) O-2
Lieutenant C/LT O-3
Lieutenant Commander C/LCDR O-4

What is the JROTC motto?

Building Better Citizens for America
This is perfectly encapsulated in our motto: “Building Better Citizens for America.”

What rank does JROTC give you?

If you have two years of JROTC training, you can enter at the rank of airman (pay grade E-2). You also can enter at this level if you have 20 credits from an accredited college or university, or if you have achieved Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold.

What are your Navy core values?

As in our past, we are dedicated to the Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment to build the foundation of trust and leadership upon which our strength is based and victory is achieved. Every member of the Naval Service – active, reserve, and civilian, must understand and live by our Core Values.

What are the four behaviors that detract from the Navy core values?

What are the four negative behavioral patterns that detract from the Navy Core Values? Behavior that is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful.

How many Njrotc programs are active right now?

The U.S. Army’s JROTC program currently operates in more than 1,700 public and private high schools, military institutions, and correctional centers throughout the United States and overseas.

What is the purpose of the Army JROTC program?

The mission of JROTC is “to motivate young people to become better citizens”. Army JROTC is devoted to your growth as a student and as a person. This program gives you an opportunity for total development and to improve yourself in many ways.

What are the duties of the NJROTC instructor?

Particular attention to the maintenance of proper uniforms and personal appearance standards is essential. Instructors must meet the Navy screening tables for weight by height or the percent of body fat standards set in OPNAVINST 6110.1H. What are the duties of the NJROTC Instructors?

Where can I find the results of the NJROTC?

Results of the board may be obtained by visiting the NJROTC website after authorization to release the results has been granted (approximately three weeks from the last day of the board process). Applicants will be individually notified via letter after the board has adjourned.

How long does it take to become a JROTC instructor?

Once employed, you will be required to attend a Navy-sponsored instructor training seminar. You must also complete the training requirements for Department of Defense JROTC Instructor Advanced Certification within two years of your initial date of employment.