What is the most likely product of the decomposition reaction of a binary ionic compound?

What is the most likely product of the decomposition reaction of a binary ionic compound?

Binary compounds are compounds composed of just two elements. The simplest kind of decomposition reaction is when a binary compound decomposes into its elements. Mercury (II) oxide, a red solid, decomposes when heated to produce mercury and oxygen gas.

Which reactions are the reverse of one another?

– A synthesis reaction forms a compound from more than one reactant. If that compound is broken down in a decomposition reaction, the products that form might be the same substances that were the reactants in the synthesis reaction. This would be the result in the two reactions being the reverse of one another.

What are the reactants of a compound?

They indicate the number of each chemical species that reacts or is formed. Methane and oxygen (oxygen is a diatomic — two-atom — element) are the reactants, while carbon dioxide and water are the products. All the reactants and products are gases (indicated by the g’s in parentheses).

What is decomposition reaction explain?

The reaction in which a single compound breaks down into two or more than two elements or new compounds is called decomposition reaction. This kind of reactions requires an energy source such as light heat or electricity which breaks the bonds of compounds.

What is added to the reactant in order to decompose?

A decomposition reaction occurs when one reactant breaks down into two or more products. Examples of decomposition reactions include the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen, and the breakdown of water to hydrogen and oxygen.

What are 3 examples of decomposition reaction?

Decomposition Reaction Examples

  • Carbonic acid in soft drinks decomposes to give carbon dioxide gas.
  • Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are released from the decomposition of water.
  • Digestion of food is a decomposition reaction.