What is the occupation of Benue State?

What is the occupation of Benue State?

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, engaging over 75% of the state farming population. The State also boasts of one of the longest stretches of river systems in the country with great potential for a viable fishing industry, dry season farming through irrigation and for an inland water highway.

Who are the largest ethnic group in in Benue State?

The predominant ethnic group is Tiv. They have 14 local council blocks alongside with the Etulo and Jukun ethnic groups.

Who is the richest Idoma man?

Technically, Aliko Dangote is not located in Benue State but he owns cement an international cement factory in Benue state. This successful enterprise is chief among the businesses that made Dangote the richest black man on earth. The official estimation of his net worth says that he had $14.1 billion in March 2018.

What is the major language in Benue State?

In Benue State, there are three main languages represented by ethnic peoples; Tiv, Idoma and Igede, Tiv being the largest of the three. While a fair amount of Idoma and Igede speakers speak Tiv as well, most Tiv speakers speak no other ethnic language, although most speak English.

Is Benue an Igbo state?

The Igbo found in Benue are: Umuezeokoha, Umuezeoka, Oriuzor, Umuoghara, Amaekka and Amaezekwe all in Ezza communities, Izzi, Ezzamgbo and Effium, these are the people who would have been in present-day Ebonyi State but due to the fact that the Nigerian government then carved them into Benue in order to suppress the …

What is the capital of Benue State?

Makurdi, town, capital of Benue state, east-central Nigeria. It lies on the south bank of the Benue River. Founded about 1927 when the railroad from Port Harcourt (279 miles [449 km] south-southwest) was extended to Jos and Kaduna, Makurdi rapidly developed into a transportation and market centre.

Is Delta a tribe?

Delta State is a state in Nigeria, comprising mainly Igbo (Anioma people), Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw and Itsekiri. The whole ethnic-groups that comprise the Delta are administratively grouped into three senatorial districts namely Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central for easy administrative purposes.

Is there Igbo tribe in Benue State?

Who is the richest man in Lagos?

The following is a list of Nigerian billionaires. It is based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets compiled and published by Forbes magazine….2020.

Name Aliko Dangote
Citizenship Nigeria
Net worth (USD) 8.3 Billion
Sources of wealth Sugar, flour, cement

How many tribes do we have in Benue?

2.3 The state has seven main ethnic groups each with a distinct cultural heritage, they are; Tiv, Idoma, Igede, Etulo, Utono, Akpa and Igala. The Tiv constitute the majority population. The people of Benue State hold their cultural heritage in high esteem.

Are Idomas Igbos?

There are some Idomas who are originally Igbos and heavily intermarried with the Northern fringes of Igboland.

What’s the population of the state of Benue?

Benue towns can be categorised into three groups. The first group consists of those with a population of 80,000 to 500,000 people. These include Makurdi, the State Capital, Gboko and Otukpo the “headquarters” of the two dominant ethnic groups (125,944 and 88,958 people respectively).

Who is the Governor of Benue State Nigeria?

Samuel Ortom is the governor and Benson Abounu is the deputy governor. Both are All Progressives Congress (APC) members. Benue state has three universities: Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State University, Makurdi, and University of Mkar, Mkar, Gboko.

What was the population of Benue State before the slave trade?

Benue State region was depleted of its human population during the slave trade. It is largely rural, with scattered settlements mainly in tiny compounds or homesteads, whose population range from 630 people, most of whom are farmers. Urbanization in Benue State did not predate the colonial era.

What kind of food does Benue State produce?

Benue State is the nation’s acclaimed food basket because of its rich agricultural produce which include Yam, Rice, Beans, Cassava, Sweet-potato, Maize, Soybean, Sorghum, Millet, Sesame, cocoyam etc. The state accounts for over 70% of Nigeria’s Soybean production.