What is the plot of the story dead star by Paz Marquez Benitez?

What is the plot of the story dead star by Paz Marquez Benitez?

The short story revolves around one man, Alfredo Salazar and the affairs of his heart. He is a man who believes in true love and hopes to find bliss in its wake. The first woman he falls in love with is Esperanza. Their families are acquainted with each other and they thus they begin a passionate relationship.

What is the theme of dead stars by Paz Marquez Benitez?

Love and Infatuation. Love is the dominant theme of the story. Alfredo loved Esperanza and she believed in his love to marry him. Alfredo thought he and Julia loved each other but had to sacrifice their taboo affair.

What is the exposition of the story dead stars?

EXPOSITION. Alfredo is thinking about the mess he made on his love life upon hearing the conversation of Carmen and Don Julian about his relationship with Ezperanza. At some point in a trip, he met the innocent and naïve Julia Salas from whom he fell in love and found what he is lacking.

What is symbolized by the dead stars in the story?

Dead Stars symbolizes the unspoken present things. The affection and love between Alfredo and Julia seemed to be existing and real, however, with the passage of time, it fades away like a dead star.

What is the lesson of the story dead stars?

Answer: Conveying the theme that pertains to forbidden love. It says that forbidden love is only apparent and its banes haunt the person until such time he realizes his faults.

What type of woman is Esperanza in the dead stars?

What type of woman is Esperanza in dead stars? Esperanza – wife of Alfredo Salazar. She is a homely woman, literal minded and intenselyacquisitive. She is one of those fortunate women who have the gift of uniformly beauty.

What is the meaning of dead stars by Paz Marquez Benitez?

Dead Stars’ means memories of the past. That people sometimes look at it for a while and realize that it has already been dead, already vanished. The story was told in the 3rd person point of view. The author played as the storyteller in the short story.

What is EXPOSITION in the story?

It is the background information on the characters and setting explained at the beginning of the story. The EXPOSITION will often have information about events that happened before the story began. The EXPOSITION is often the very first part of the PLOT.

What is the EXPOSITION of story dead stars?