What is the pronoun used for family?

What is the pronoun used for family?

If I were talking about my family apart from me, I would use “they”. Since the noun “family” is singular, the pronoun needs to be singular.

What is the pronoun of my family and I?

A preposition takes an object pronoun. The phrase “my family and I” is used when it is functioning as the ‘subject’.

Is the family or are the family?

When a collective noun is used, it is as much subjective as it can be and it entirely depends on how you perceive the word. If you think of “family” as individual family members, you should use “are”. If you think “family” as a single unit, you should use “is.

Is or are after family?

Family is a countable noun and the singular form (the plural is families) so that’s one reason to say is.

What is the pronoun for gloves?

The word gloves is plural so it has to be ‘them’.

Is it OK to say me and my family?

“I” is nominative. “Me” is accusative. Although “me and my family” is not incorrect, there is a convention of good manners that one should put the other person or people before oneself in a sentence.

What is family singular or plural?

Family is seen as a whole unit and so takes singular verb and pronoun. The family were divided in their opinions. Members have different views and so the collective noun family cannot be perceived as a whole; so it takes a plural. Nature of the word. Every afternoon the baseball team follows its coach to the playground …

Is family a that or who?

“which” is technically most correct (a family is a unit composed of persons and not a person in itself), but usually limited to formal writing; “that” is most natural and the form you can’t go wrong with; and “who” is colloquial but not really correct.

Do you say you and your family or your family and you?

Is it “you and your family is” or “you and your family are”? You should use are because “you and your family” is a plural subject. When the subject of a sentence has two parts joined by “and” it makes the subject plural, so you should use a plural verb. Below are more examples of sentence subjects with two parts.

Is a pair of gloves singular?

“A pair” must always be singular (of course) but that doesn’t stop most English speakers from getting it wrong! One pair of gloves is $10. Two pairs of gloves are $18.95. “A pair of —s” is treated as a singular noun when it stands as a subject in a main clause.

Is family a noun or a pronoun?

The family is a compound noun. Family is a singular unit, but it comprises a bunch of people so “they” or “we” are correct.

Is family singular or plural?

Family is the singular form whereas ‘families’ is the plural form. This is the main difference between the two words. The word ‘family’ denotes a group of persons that belong to the same household. It comprises of members of the household such as a father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother and the like.

Is family a possessive noun?

The possessive form of a family name is formed like any other noun. However, there is often confusion (especially with a surname ending “-s”) because the plural itself can look awkward. For example: The Joneses live on the corner .

What is the collective noun for family?

In fact, the word group itself is a collective noun. Here are a few others: family, club, team, committee, staff, furniture, jury, Congress, audience, herd. Usually these nouns are treated as singular because the emphasis is on the action of the entire unit rather than its individual parts.