What is the rank in area among the 50 states?

What is the rank in area among the 50 states?

US States (plus Washington D.C.) Area and Ranking

State Area Ranking Area (square miles, including water)
Alaska 1 663,267 sq mi
Texas 2 268,580 sq mi
California 3 163,695 sq mi
Montana 4 147,042 sq mi

How do the states rank in size?

California (Total area: 163,696 square miles) Montana (Total area: 147,040 square miles) New Mexico (Total area: 121,590 square miles) Arizona (Total area: 113,990 square miles)

How does New York rank in land area among the 50 states?

New York is a state in the northeastern United States. It was one of the original thirteen colonies forming the United States. With a total area of 54,556 square miles (141,300 km2), New York is the 27th largest state geographically….New York (state)

New York
Area rank 27th
• Length 330 mi (530 km)
• Width 285 mi (455 km)

What are the 50 largest states in order?

This page lists the total size (land plus water) and the land area for the 50 US states….List of US States By Size.

Rank State Name Square Miles
1 Alaska 571,951
2 Texas 261,797
3 California 155,959
4 Montana 145,552

Where does the United States rank in area?

According to the World Bank, the United States has a surface area of 9,632,030 square kilometers, or 7.19% of the world’s total surface area. That is enough to make the United States rank third in that category.

What is the largest state in the US by area?

States By Size Alaska. Density (per sq. km.): 0.50 Land Area (sq. Texas. Density (per sq. km.): 41.83 Land Area (sq. California. Density (per sq. km.): 97.9 Land Area (sq. Montana. Density (per sq. km.): 2.77 Land Area (sq. New Mexico. Density (per sq. Arizona. Density (per sq. Nevada. Density (per sq. Colorado. Density (per sq. Wyoming. Density (per sq. Oregon. Density (per sq.

What are the 50 states from largest to smallest?


  • California
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • What is the Order of the States from biggest to smallest?

    An interactive list of U.S. States, arranged by land area. The top three largest states in size are Alaska, Texas, and California. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US by land area, while Delaware is the second smallest, and Connecticut is the third smallest.