What is the theme of the book Dragon Dragon?

What is the theme of the book Dragon Dragon?

“Dragon, Dragon” by John Gardener. CLASS NOTES: Theme: Take the advice of others into consideration. Listen to your elders.

What is the plot of Dragon Dragon?

Summary: In “Dragon, Dragon”, a peaceful kingdom is being terrorized by a villainous dragon. The king, driven to his wit’s end, challenges the villagers to defeat the dragon, offering half of his kingdom and his daughter’s hand in marriage.

What is the resolution of the story dragon dragon?

Resolution: The youngest son slays the dragon.

What happened to the queen in Dragon Dragon?

Daenerys Targaryen dies in the throne room, feet away from the Iron Throne that she’s sought all her life, the same throne she barely had time to touch. Her final whereabouts are unknown, as Drogon the dragon appears, destroys the Iron Throne, scoops up his mother and flies away.

What is the mood of Dragon Dragon?

Possible responses: The dragon is mean, destructive, wicked, and imaginative. Answer: The kingdom is plagued by a dragon.

What is the setting for Dragon Dragon?

Dragon, Dragon. The story takes place in a kingdom far away, but in modern times. Loved tales of heroes and other old-fashioned stories. Adds twists to the familiar patters of fairy tales.

What is the rising action of the story dragon dragon?

Rising Action 1- The knights were cowards when the dragon came. 3- All kingdom members are invited to a special meeting. 4- The queen gets turned into a rosebush by the wizard.

Who is the antagonist in Dragon Dragon?

Green Death, also known as Merciless is the main antagonist from the first book of the How to Train Your Dragon book series and later became posthumous in the other books.

What is the problem in the kingdom Dragon Dragon?

The kingdom in John Gardner’s story “Dragon, Dragon” is plagued by a dragon that outsmarts those sent to kill it. The kingdom’s cobbler, who thinks he is the least important per- son in the land, is perhaps the smartest. His two eldest sons fail to slay the dragon because they refuse to take their father’s advice.

Does the Queen of the Dragons wake up?

The Dragon Queen wakes Luckily, the Dragon Queen does wake when the battle is won — and she seems happy to see her son and the humans and elves who returned him to her.

How does the youngest son succeed in slaying the dragon in Dragon Dragon?

The cobbler gives his 3 sons advice on how to slay the dragon. They each try, but only the youngest son follows his father’s advice. The youngest son slays the dragon and gets the princess and half the kingdom as his reward.

What is the setting of the story dragon dragon?