What is the Upazila of Mohammadpur?

What is the Upazila of Mohammadpur?

Mohammadpur (Bengali: মোহাম্মদপুর (মাগুরা)) is an upazila of Magura District in the Division of Khulna, Bangladesh….Mohammadpur Upazila.

Mohammadpur মহম্মদপুর (মাগুরা)
Coordinates: 23°24.3′N 89°36.3′ECoordinates: 23°24.3′N 89°36.3′E
Country Bangladesh
Division Khulna Division
District Magura District

Which zone is Mohammadpur in Dhaka?

Mohammadpur Thana

Mohammadpur মোহাম্মদপুর
Division Dhaka Division
District Dhaka District
• Total 11.65 km2 (4.50 sq mi)

How many wards are there in Mohammadpur thana?

Mohammadpur Thana (Dhaka Metropolitan)

Ward and Union Mahalla and Mouza Population
3+2 (part) 32 241343

Where is Mohammadpur?

Mohammadpur is a village in the East Champaran district of Bihar state, India, located at 26°37′0″N 85°11′0″E. National Highway 101 ends in Mohammadpur. The nearest airport is Patna Airport. There are a large number of institutes, including English medium schools, Government schools, and coaching centres, located here.

Which ward is Adabor?

Ward No-43 is a union under Adabor Upazila of Dhaka District with a total area of 1.844 square kilometers. The total population of the union is 78,006 among them 42,465 are male and 35,541 are female.

How many upazila are there in Dhaka?

Six upazilas
The district consists of 46 upazilas/thanas, 86 unions, 974 mauzas, 1999 villages, 2 City Corporations, 129 City Wards, 855 City Mahallas, 3 paurashavas, 27 wards and 133 mahallas. The Six upazilas in Dhaka district are: Dhamrai Upazila, suburban and rural. Dohar Upazila, suburban and rural.

Is Ramna in Dhaka South?

Dhaka South City Corporation consists of 75 wards covering the thanas of Paltan, Motijheel, Sabujbagh, Khilgaon, Mugda, Shahjahanpur, Shampur, Jatrabari, Demra, Kadamtali, Gandaria, Wari, Ramna, Shahbag, Dhanmondi, Hazaribagh, Kalabgan, Kotwali, Sutrapur, Lalbagh, Bangsal, Chawkbazar, and Kamrangirchar.

Is Mirpur in Dhaka South?

Mirpur (Bengali: মীরপুর/মিরপুর) is a thana of Dhaka city, Bangladesh. It is bounded by Pallabi Thana to the north, Mohammadpur Thana to the south, Kafrul to the east, and Savar Upazila to the west.

Which ward is Badda?

Badda Thana

Ward and Union
Ward and Union Area (sq km) Population
Ward No. 21 3.84 30730
Beraid (part) 11.73 7690 “
Badda (part) 3.86 40761

Which ward is khilgaon?

1 Dhaka South City Corporation (Bengali: ওয়ার্ড নং ১, ঢাকা দক্ষিণ সিটি কর্পোরেশন) is an administrative division of Dhaka South City Corporation in zone 1, which formally known as ward no. 24 of Dhaka City Corporation. It’s located in Khilgaon police station of Dhaka City.

Which ward is Mirpur 11?

Mirpur Model Thana

Ward Area (sq km) Population
Ward no. 11 (part) 0.60 13209
Ward no. 12 (part) 0.66 24575
Ward no. 13 1.35 43896

Which is the official post code of Mohammadpur?

Official Map of the Mohammadpur Thana. Mohammadpur (Bengali: মোহাম্মদপুর) is a thana of Dhaka District in the division of Dhaka, Bangladesh . Although initially Mohammadpur had grown as a residential area subsequently commercial places also developed. Its post code of Mohammadpur is 1207.

Where is Mohammadpur Thana in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Mohammadpur (Bengali: মোহাম্মদপুর) is a thana of Dhaka District in the division of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although initially Mohammadpur had grown as a residential area subsequently commercial places also developed.

Are there any stranded Pakistanis in Mohammadpur?

The Geneva Camp for ” Stranded Pakistanis ” (mostly from the Indian state of Bihar and other parts of India who migrated to the then East Pakistan during the Partition of 1947) is in Mohammadpur. Pakistanis have been living there since the end of the 1971 War of Liberation . Asad Gate is the monument of the country’s liberation war.

Which is the best housing near Mohammadpur Bus Stand?

Kaderabad Housing is a large housing complex near Mohammadpur Bus Stand. The housing is well organized and has a college and school inside. A large apartment block developed by Assurance and Sara Builders sits near the complex.