What is the value of fifty state commemorative quarters 1999 2008?

What is the value of fifty state commemorative quarters 1999 2008?

Value of 50 State Quarters (1999-2008) We often get asked what state quarters are worth now that some of them are getting close to twenty years old. And the reality is that 99.9999% of state quarters are still just worth 25 cents and will likely always just be worth 25 cents.

How much are 1999 state quarters worth?

CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1999 P Delaware State Quarter value at an average of 25 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $4.

How much is a full 50 state quarter collection worth?

Unfortunately, if you created your collection from coins you found in your wallet and at your bank, your 50 quarters probably have no more value than 25 cents each. A complete collection is worth $12.50, which isn’t nothing, but also isn’t a lot.

What are the 10 rarest state quarters?

Billions of Coins Minted, but not evenly

1. 2008-D Oklahoma 2003-P Alabama
2. 2004-P Iowa 2003-P Missouri
3. 2002-P Ohio 2003-P Illinois
4. 2003-P Maine 2004-D Michigan
5. 2008-P Oklahoma 2004-P Wisconsin

What quarters are worth keeping?

Here are 30 quarters worth money, presented in order by the year minted, along with a brief description and their potential value.

  • 1796 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1804 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1805 B-2 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1807 B-2 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1818 B-8 Proof Capped Bust Quarter.
  • 1823 3 Over 2 Capped Bust Quarter.

What are the rarest quarters?

Of the four, the least rare is the coin from Connecticut, which was minted just under 1.35billion times, while Pennsylvania’s quarter is the rarest, but was still minted 707.3million times….Related Articles.

Quarter dollar coin Mintage
2016 West Virginia 858,630,000
2017 New Jersey 488,000,000

Are any State Quarters valuable?

State quarters are still circulating and can be collected right out of your pocket change. Therefore, most circulated examples are only worth their face value of 25 cents. Nice uncirculated sets are worth slightly more.

Are 2000 quarters worth anything?

While the normal, worn state quarters you pick out of your loose change are pretty much worth just face value, uncirculated and proof quarters are worth something extra: 2000-P Maryland quarter, uncirculated — 50 cents and up. 2000-D Maryland quarter, uncirculated — 50 cents and up.

How much is a 1776 to 1976 quarter worth?

The standard 1776-1976 clad quarters in circulated condition are only worth their face value of $0.25. These coins only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. The 1776-1976 S proof quarter is worth around $5 in PR 65 condition.

Do any state quarters have value?

What state quarters are worth saving?

Simple List of 4 Rare State Quarters Worth Money

  • 1999-P Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter.
  • 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter.
  • 2005-P Minnesota Quarter Doubled Dies Quarter.
  • 2009-D District of Columbia Doubled Die Quarter.

What years of quarters are worth money?

Are 1999 quarters worth anything?

Regular specimens are generally worth face value if they’re worn — or 25 cents. The only 1999 Pennsylvania state quarters that are worth more than 25 cents are those that are uncirculated (never used as money).

Which state has the most quarters?

In total, the US Mint produced 34,797,600,000 state quarters. Virginia tops the list for the state with the most state quarters while Oklahoma is at the bottom.

How much is a 1999 Quarter worth?

Most 1999-S clad proof Delaware quarters are worth about $1.50 to $3 each, while 1999-S 90% silver proof Delaware quarters go for about $5 to $7 apiece. While Delaware quarters are generally pretty common in terms of mintage numbers, there was a time when they were quite difficult to find.

What is the most valuable US quarter?

USA Coin Book has compiled a list of the most valuable US quarters ever known. For this list, we are only including twenty-five cent quarters: Draped Bust Quarters, Capped Bust Quarters, Seated Liberty Quarters, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters, 50 States & Territories Quarters and America the Beautiful Park Quarters.