What is the wettest year on record in the UK?

What is the wettest year on record in the UK?

The wettest May on record was in 1967, when 131.7mm of rain fell across the month. There have been five Mays since 2000 in which rainfall exceeded 100mm, with 2007 recording 114.2mm.

When was the wettest winter in the UK?

The UK has had wettest winter on record – 486.8mm of rain – beating the previous 1995 record, Met Office says. Figures for 1 December to 19 February show the country had the wettest winter since records dating back to 1910. BBC Weather presenter John Hammond explains.

When was the highest rainfall in UK?


Duration Amount Date
Highest 180-min total 178 mm (7.0 in) 7 October 1960
Highest 24-hour total (1800-1800) 341.4 mm (13.44 in) 5 December 2015
Highest 24-hour total (0900-0900) 279 mm (11.0 in) 18 July 1955
Highest 24-hour total (UK national average) 31.7 mm (1.25 in) 3 October 2020

Was 2020 a wet year?

2020 was notable for being ranked in the top ten for mean temperature, rainfall, and sunshine.

Is 2020 the wettest UK winter on record?

Winter 2019/20 was the 5th wettest on record (data back to 1862) for the UK, as well as the 5th mildest….More videos on YouTube.

Area Northern Ireland
Mean Temp (24 hour average) 0.4
Rainfall 1297
Sunshine 1297

Are UK winters getting wetter?

Warmer wetter winters Rainfall is expected to increase in many parts of the country in winter too, the Met Office says. The projections suggest western parts of the UK may get even wetter under a high-emissions scenario.

Which city is the wettest in UK?

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has won the top spot for being the wettest city in the UK, with an average monthly rainfall of 96mm, and the average number of wet days per month standing at 12.4. Cardiff’s high ranking total equates to more than one quarter of Wales’ city’s year being shrouded in rain.

Which city has the most rain in the UK?

Cardiff is Britain’s wettest city with 1,152mm falling on it each year.

What’s the driest place in the UK?

A new study has shown that Dundee is the ‘driest city’ in the UK, with less recorded rainfall than any other part of the country. The report, compiled by gas supplier Flogas, has shown that the City of Discovery experienced the lowest number of rainy days between October and March, at just 11 per month.

Which is the warmest city in UK?

Seven of the hottest places in the UK to enjoy warm weather this…

  1. The Isles of Scilly. The Isles of Scilly is home to tropical temperatures and white sand beaches (
  2. London.
  3. Eastbourne.
  4. Cambridge.
  5. West Sussex, Bognor Regis.
  6. East Sussex, Hastings.
  7. Wales, Tenby.

When was the wettest month in the UK?

In the period between 2014 and 2018, the wettest months tended to be at the start and ends of the year. The greatest measurement of rain recorded was in December 2015 when there was approximately 219 millimeters of rainfall. The lowest level was in September 2014, which experienced surprisingly minimal rain.

When was the most rainfall recorded in the UK?

The greatest number of raindays over the last 30 years were recorded in the year 2000, at approximately 176. In that year, the UK received an average of 1,337 millimeters of rainfall. According to the Met Office, the climate in the UK has changed slightly from the period 1961-1990 to 2008-2017.

Why is the weather so wet in the UK?

Weather fronts moving in on low pressures account for much of our wet weather, cyclonic rain and there is convective rain as air rises due to heating creating showers and sometimes thunderstorms.

What’s the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK?

August 2003 when Faversham in Kent reached 38.5C (101.3F) on the 10th, a UK record that stood for nearly 16 years. And 2018, with heat and little rain which seemed crazy after the March Beast from the East snow.