What is yei Bi Chei?

What is yei Bi Chei?

Yei bichei (Yébîchai), or “maternal grandfather of the yei”, is another name of Talking God who often speaks on behalf of the other Holy People. (He, along with Growling God, Black God, and Water Sprinkler, were the first four Holy People encountered by the Navajo.)

How do you pronounce Navajo in Navajo?

How do you pronounce Dine’, the name for the Navajo people and why is Dine’ preferred over the name “Navajo”? Pronounce the word as “Di Nay”. The word Dine’ is from their own language and means “the people.” The word “Navajo” comes from a Tewa-puebloan, word “nava hu” meaning “place of large planted fields”.

How do you say Grandpa in Navajo?

Words for family members and other relatives in Navajo (Diné Bizaad), an Athabaskan language spoken in Arizona and New Mexico in the USA….Family words in Navajo.

grandfather shinálí (paternal) shicheii (maternal)
grandmother shinálí (paternal) shimásání (maternal)
grandchild bitsóóké
grandson hatsóí ashkiígíí

Is Yay an interjection?

interjection Informal. (an exclamation used to express joy, excitement, etc.)

Which is the best definition of Yeibichai?

Definition of Yeibichai. 1 : a Navajo supernatural represented by a masked dancer in an initiation or curative ceremony. 2 : the ceremony performed by Yeibichai dancers.

Where is Yei city located in South Sudan?

Yei, South Sudan – Yei is a medium-sized city in South Sudan’s southwest. It lies close to the borders of two of the country’s trading partners, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Who is the Dominican baseball player Yei Asencio?

Yeison Asencio – Yeison Asencio (born November 14, 1989) is a Dominican professional baseball player for the Toros de Tijuana of the Mexican League. Yei Theodora Ozaki – Yei Theodora Ozaki (英子セオドラ尾崎, Eiko Seodora Ozaki, 1871 – December 28, 1932) was an early 20th-century translator of Japanese short stories and fairy tales.