What kingdom does a leech belong to?

What kingdom does a leech belong to?


What are leeches classified as?

The leech is an invertebrate animal belonging to the phylum Annelida, a zoological category that includes more than 15,000 species of segmented bristle worms and 650 species of leeches in the subclass Hirudinea.

What is the class name for leeches?

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Phylum Annelida – annelids, annélides, Anelídeo, minhoca, sanguessuga
Class Clitellata
Subclass Lumbriculata
Order Hirudinida
Suborder Arhynchobdellida Blanchard, 1894

What clade do leeches belong to?

The annelids traditionally include the oligochaetes, which include the earthworms and leeches, the polychaetes, which are a marine group, and two other smaller classes. The phyla Mollusca and Annelida belong to a clade called the Lophotrochozoa, which also includes the phylum Nemertea, or ribbon worms (Figure 15.1. 2).

What is the deadliest leech?

Haementeria ghilianii, the giant Amazon leech, is one of the world’s largest species of leeches. It can grow to 450 mm (17.7 in) in length and 100 mm (3.9 in) in width….

Haementeria ghilianii
Order: Rhynchobdellida
Family: Glossiphoniidae
Genus: Haementeria
Species: H. ghilianii

Which is phylum does the Leech belong to?

The leech belongs to the phylum Annelida. Leeches are a segmented worm that predominately live in freshwater environments. The scientific… See full answer below. Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions.

Which is the best description of a leech?

Leeches in the hirudidae family are characterized by having well developed jaws, with one row of sharp teeth. Their pharynx is short and very muscular. They also have a crop with lobed shaped caeca. H. medicinalis belongs to the genus , hirudo.

Where did the leeches and polychaetes come from?

Oligochaetes evolved from polychaetes and the leeches branched off from the oligochaetes. Both the oligochaetes and the leeches, having no hard parts, do not fossilise well.

How are the class relationships of leeches determined?

Class relationships of leeches. Rouse and Pleijel (2001). The tree above shows the class relationships of the annelid phylum, and is based on both morphological characteristics and molecular rDNA. As you can see, the class that Hirudo medicinalis falls under (clitellata) has a question mark by it.