What made Henry Knox famous?

What made Henry Knox famous?

Henry Knox, born July 25, 1750, was best known for his continuous military service under General Washington for the duration of the American Revolution. He commanded the American artillery and later served as secretary of war.

Why was Henry Knox a hero?

Citation: Henry Knox was an American general in the American Revolution and first secretary of war under the U.S. Constitution. In a remarkable feat, Knox brought back artillery totaling 120,000 pounds, using oxen, horses, and men to transport the guns over snow and ice 300 miles to Boston.

Why did George Washington chose Henry Knox as his secretary of war?

As he worked to construct a robust, reliable militia as a newly promoted brigadier general, Knox augmented the army’s artillery arsenal to unrivaled heights, helping to secure pivotal victories at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton in winter 1776. Later, Knox became Secretary of War under President Washington.

Did Henry Knox marry his daughter?

Henry Knox was born in poverty in Boston to Irish immigrants William and Mary Knox in 1750. He married Lucy Flucker, the daughter of Boston Loyalists, in 1774. Ten of their 13 children died before they were grown.

How did Henry Knox lose his fingers?

Two of the most unlikely American heroes of the war were Henry Knox and Nathanael Greene, men who both possessed physical challenges. Knox was missing the third and fourth fingers on his left hand, the result of a hunting accident. To conceal his disfigurement, he always kept his left hand wrapped in a white cloth.

Did Henry Knox lose fingers?

Did Henry Knox go to college?

BLS (Boston Latin School)
Henry Knox/Education

Where is Henry Knox buried?

Henry Knox

Birth 25 Jul 1750 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Death 21 Oct 1806 (aged 56) Thomaston, Knox County, Maine, USA
Burial Thomaston Village Cemetery Thomaston, Knox County, Maine, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 20979 · View Source

Where is General Knox buried?

When did Henry Knox lose his fingers?

In 1772 he cofounded the Boston Grenadier Corps as an offshoot of The Train, and served as its second in command. Shortly before his 23rd birthday Knox accidentally discharged a gun, shooting two fingers off his left hand.

How did Henry Knox help the American Revolution?

Henry Knox (July 25, 1750 – October 25, 1806) was a senior general of the Continental Army and later the United States Army. When the American Revolutionary War broke out in 1775, he helped General George Washington on artillery matters which proved decisive in driving the British out of Boston in 1776.