What makes a story interesting to read?

What makes a story interesting to read?

A story needs conflict and resolution; tension and release; mystery and revelation. There should be losses and gains, setbacks and comebacks, peaks and troughs. And, above all, a story should be about people: their dreams and desires; loves and hates; problems and passions.

What makes an interesting short story?

What makes a great short story? Short stories have to achieve a lot of story in only a few words. There are four elements that really make a story stand out: character, plot, setting, and tension. Balancing these elements is the first step to making your short story amazing.

What makes an entertaining story?

Of introducing characters that the reader can’t help but follow through the twists and turns of some complex plot. A writer writes to intrigue and amuse and frighten. Readers expect to be entertained. They expect action, emotion, a world filled with events that couldn’t possibly happen in their lives.

What are the elements of an interesting story?

A story has five basic but important elements. These five components are: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow.

How do you write a unique story?

5 Tips for Writing an Original Story

  1. Use your life as inspiration. Your life is unique, as are your specific experiences.
  2. Plan your character development.
  3. Outline your main plot points.
  4. Change the context.
  5. Cross genres.

What are the 5 parts of a story structure?

Under Freytag’s pyramid, the plot of a story consists of five parts:

  • Exposition (originally called introduction)
  • Rising action (rise)
  • Climax.
  • Falling action (return or fall)
  • Catastrophe, denouement, resolution, or revelation or “rising and sinking”.

What are good story ideas?

Top 10 Story Ideas

  • Tell the story of a scar.
  • A group of children discover a dead body.
  • A young prodigy becomes orphaned.
  • A middle-aged woman discovers a ghost.
  • A woman who is deeply in love is crushed when her fiancé breaks up with her.
  • A talented young man’s deepest fear is holding his life back.

What makes a great story a great story?

What Makes a Story Great? At the core of nearly all the great stories is a desperate struggle between good and evil. This struggle provides the context and foundation for understanding everything else in the story. It defines who are the heroes and heroines and who are villains.

How can I make my writing more interesting?

How To Make Your Writing More Interesting And Creative Be Passionate About it. To create great content, you must show interest in it. Get Organized. Written works with a good flow are usually interesting to read. Be A Good Reader. Use Active Voice. Avoid The Temptation Of Using Same Words And Phrases Repetitively. Final Remarks.

What makes a protagonist interesting?

Character growth feeds the soul to the story. It’s what turns it from a series of plot events to a tale worth telling. A great protagonist has the ability to learn from his experiences and become a better (though not always) person.

What makes for a great short story?

A short story should contain the same elements as a novel, story arc, conflict, character development and transformation . State of the art, too many short stories are of the New Yorker / Atlantic variety, weepy vignettes of screwed up characters meeting (deserved) tragic ends.