What materials did the northwest coast use?

What materials did the northwest coast use?

Most of the tools displayed here were used for working in bark and wood, the two principal raw materials of the Coast Salish. Bark shredders and the D-shaped adzes, such as those in this case, were common everywhere on the Northwest Coast. The pile driver was an important tool.

How did the Northwest coast make their clothes?

COASTAL TRIBES: They made extensive use of cedar bark and very little use of animal skins. The garments they wore were designed more for shedding water than for providing warmth. They went barefoot even in winter. The women wore skirts of shredded cedar bark, to which they added a buckskin slip on cold days.

What did the Northwest Coast First Nations wear?

Dress was fairly simple among Northwest Coast peoples. Although ceremonial garments and some hats could be highly decorated, most clothing was worn for protection from the environment rather than for show. Throughout the region women wore skirts or gowns of buckskin, soft leather, or woven wool or plant fibers.

What did the Northwest Indians use as tools?

The hunters in most Northwestern tribes used wooden bows and arrows tipped with sharpened stone for long-distance capture. In addition, knives were fashioned out of stone for skinning animals or hunting small game. Trapping culture also was very prominent, and so wooden snares were commonly used.

Are Haida people Salish?

The Haida live on Haida Gwaii, a group of islands off the north coast of British Columbia. The remaining peoples include the Coast Salish, a large grouping of Indigenous nations including the Central Coast Salish and Northern Coast Salish.

What tools did Salish use?

Coast Salish carvers use two basic styles of adze, a short-handled “elbow” adze, and a D-adze, named for the shapes of the handles. These were used to carve canoes, smooth cedar house posts and planks, and rough-out bowls and spoons.