What means either and/or both?

What means either and/or both?

used to refer to a situation in which there is a choice between two different plans of action, but both together are not possible: It’s an either-or situation – we can buy a new car this year or we can go on holiday, but we can’t do both. Taking and choosing.

How do you use either and both?

nor, either . . . or, both . . . and, . . ….Either, neither, both (examples, how to use)

Either, neither, both
We use either, neither and both when we are talking about two things.
We use of before the pronouns us, you, them. both of us, both of you, either of them, neither of them, etc.

Can either be used instead of both?

You might want to choose one of the objects or the other, but you cannot have the two of them together. For example: “You can either have cake for dessert, or ice cream.” When you are presenting the choice of two different things, you can use both words “either… or” – with each item after the two words.

Which is correct is both or are both?

“Both” is an indefinite pronoun and is always used as a plural pronoun. “Are” is used with plural while “is” is for singular. Therefore “Both are correct” is the dramatically correct option out of the two given.

What is either or in grammar?

1.Either / or – used in a sentence in the affirmative sense when referring to a choice between two possibilities. We can either eat now or after the show – it’s up to you. Neither / nor – used in a sentence in the negative sense when you want to say that two or more things are not true.

Does either or mean not both?

“Either/Or” In every day language we use the phrase “either A or B” to mean that one of the two options holds, but not both. For example, when most people say something like “You can have either a hot dog or hamburger,” they usually aren’t offering you both.

What is an example of either or?

An example of either or is when you are offered either spaghetti or cereal for dinner and are different between the two so you say “either or” to indicate that both would work. Designating a proposition, situation, etc. limited to only two alternatives.

What is both in grammar?

As a pronoun, ‘both’ indicates that two items are being discussed and is therefore used in place of the phrase “the two.” The use of ‘both’ to discuss three or more entities is grammatically incorrect. Both samples were measured. (i.e., The two samples were measured.) There were two outliers, and we removed both.

How is either used in a sentence?

Either is used when referring to a choice between two options. For example, “Either one deserves to win.” Or, “Either you leave, or I will phone the police.” It can also be used in a negative way, instead of the words also or too.

Is it correct to say me either?

Both “me neither” and “me either” are acceptable usage in informal writing and speaking, and unacceptable in formal communication. Neither is grammatically correct. Both indicate agreement in response to something said by another speaker.

What means either side?

DEFINITIONS1. on one side of something and on the other side of it. on either side of: There were stone lions on either side of the door. Synonyms and related words.

What is the difference between either and neither?

Here is the difference. “Either” and “neither” are both singular adjectives meaning “one or the other, out of two options.”. BUT “Neither” means “not the first option and not the second option.”.

Is both or are both?

IS is the form of a verb to be that is used for singular nouns, while ARE is the form used for plural nouns. So far, everything is pretty obvious. When you have a singular noun, you need to use is, e.g. The girl is intelligent, the cat is running in the yard.

Is it neither or neither?

“Neither” and “Nor”. “Neither” is a singular adjective and can be paired with “nor” in a sentence. “Neither” is never paired with “or”. When using “neither” in a sentence, you are saying not the first object and not the second object are behaving in a certain way. The nouns/pronouns are in agreement with one another.

What is the definition of either or thinking?

Either-or thinking is a method of parsing concepts by dividing them into a dichotomy–two opposing options–where the alternatives cannot coexist with each other. It is absolutely one or the other, also known as black and white thinking.