What nationality is Albert Schweitzer?

What nationality is Albert Schweitzer?

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Was Albert Schweitzer married?

Helene Bresslau Schweitzerm. 1912–1957
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When did Albert Schweitzer die?

September 4, 1965
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What did Albert Schweitzer win the Nobel Prize for?

Nobel Peace Prize 1952
The Nobel Peace Prize 1952 was awarded to Albert Schweitzer “for his altruism, reverence for life, and tireless humanitarian work which has helped making the idea of brotherhood between men and nations a living one.”

Is Albert Schweitzer still alive?

Deceased (1875–1965)
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Where is Albert Schweitzer buried?

Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Gabon
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How many degrees did Albert Schweitzer have?

Schweitzer attended the university in Strasbourg to study philosophy and theology, receiving a doctorate in philosophy in1899 and then a doctorate in theology the following year. By 1904 Schweitzer, age 29, had written three books and made significant contributions to music, philosophy, and religion.

Was Albert Schweitzer a vegetarian?

Albert Schweitzer was a famous German, long time vegetarian, and an advocate for animal rights. He wrote “Reverence for Life.”

What kind of man was Albert Schweitzer?

Doctor, Missionary, Philosopher and Musician No person must ever harm or destroy life unless absolutely necessary. This attitude permeated everything he did. Schweitzer was born in Alsace in the then German Empire. He studied theology and became a priest, but that was not enough.

What kind of family did Albert Schweitzer come from?

Biographical. A lbert Schweitzer (January 14, 1875-September 4, 1965) was born into an Alsatian family which for generations had been devoted to religion, music, and education. His father and maternal grandfather were ministers; both of his grandfathers were talented organists; many of his relatives were persons of scholarly attainments.

What did Albert Schweitzer do with his money?

Meanwhile, he had raised enough money by holding concerts and also from sales of his books to establish a hospital in Africa. In the spring of 1913, Albert Schweitzer left for Lambaréné in the Gabon province of French Equatorial Africa, along with his wife, Hélène Bresslau, a trained nurse.

When did Albert Schweitzer become a French citizen?

Schweitzer was born in the province of Alsace, which had been a French province since 1639 and became Prussian after France lost it to Prussia in 1871. It became French again in 1919, after Germany’s defeat during the First World War. Schweitzer considered himself French, and wrote mostly in German.

Where did Albert Schweitzer go to secondary school?

At the Mulhouse gymnasium he received his ” Abitur ” (the certificate at the end of secondary education) in 1893. He studied organ in Mulhouse from 1885 to 1893 with Eugène Munch, organist at the Protestant cathedral, who inspired Schweitzer with his profound enthusiasm for the music of German composer Richard Wagner.