What oil does a Saab 9-3 take?

What oil does a Saab 9-3 take?

Engine Oil

Viscosity: 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40 (All TEMPS)
Capacity: 6.3 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level.
Torque: 18 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)

How much oil does a Saab 93 take?

Engine Oil 6 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level.

What kind of oil does a 2006 Saab 9-3 take?

Saab 9-3 2006, Extended Performance™ SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, by Mobil 1®.

Where is fuel filter Saab 93 TiD?

Fuel filter is located to the passnger side of the car and about half way long the car (closer to the rear wheel).

What oil does a Saab take?

Saab Approved Engine Oils

Model Engines Specific Oil Grade
Saab 9-3 and 9-5 Diesel 1.9 TiD (120 and 150ps) 2.2 Diesel & 3.0 Diesel 5W/30 DX2 certified long life fully synthetic (meets GM-LL-B-025)
Saab 9-3 and 9-5 TTiD 1.9 TTiD 0W/40 long life fully synthetic (GM-LL-B-025)

What is Dexos 2 5w30?

dexos 2 ™ in an innovation in engine oil. It is a low SAPS engine oil suitable for use in diesel powered vehicles with exhaust particulate filters / EGR systems and provides exceptional cleaning power, engine wear protection and improved fuel consumption.

What type of oil does a Saab 9 5 take?

Engine Oil

Viscosity: 5W-30, 5W-40 (Below -20) Must be full or semi-synthetic oil. 10W-30, 10W-40 (All TEMPS) SAE 10W-30 and SAE 10W-40 are preferred. 15W-50, 20W-50 (Above 15)
Capacity: 4.2 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level.
Torque: 18.5 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)
Notes: The use of API* is preferred.

How heavy is a Saab 93?

Saab 9 3 2.0 t Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Curb Weight : 1310 kg OR 2888 lbs
Weight-Power Output Ratio : 8.5 kg/hp
Trunk / Boot capacity : 494-1314 L
Front Suspension : Independent. McPherson. coil springs. anti-roll bar

What is GM LL A 025?

GM-LL-A-025 refers to gasoline engines for passenger cars up to model year 2011, after which the specification dexos 2 came into effect, which is also backwards compatible with GM-LL-A-025. If your vehicle requires oil with GM-LL-A-025, you can also fill in oil with dexos 2 approval without any problems.

What kind of oil does Saab 9 5 take?

Where is the fuel filter on a Saab?

Step 2 – Locate and Access the Fuel Filter In our case, it’s located right in front of the rear right wheel well.

How long to change oil in Saab 9-3 engine?

After the oil drains, put back the oil plug to slightly more than finger tight (18 ft. lbs. of torque or 25 Nm). Extreme tightening makes it hard to unscrew the next time as well as potentially cracks the oil pan. I let the oil drain as long as an hour. You can change the oil filter during this time as well as put away tools.

How big should oil filter cover be on Saab 9-3?

The oil filter cover is supposed to be tightened to 18 ft.lbs. or 25 Nm, which is slightly more than finger tight, perhaps ¼ turn more than finger tight. Re-install the black plastic engine cover after changing the oil filter. In the 9-3, if you pour oil into the oil filter compartment, it drains away so I think it is unnecessary to pour oil here.

How to reset the SID on a Saab 9-3?

To reset the SID, push the “customize” button then scroll the menu to “System Settings”, which is the 2nd choice. Push the SID knob to select it. Then scroll to “Service Indicator” (2nd to last choice, “back” is the last choice), push the SID knob to select it. It will then show the oil life remaining, such as “53%, 283 days”.

What is the engine number on a Saab 9-3?

Around 2008, part number 93175493 was superceded by 12605566. AC Delco PF457G: used to be sold by Saturn dealers (before the brand was discontinued) for about $2 less than Saab dealer’s 93175493/Hengst E630H.