What plants did Sam eat in my side of the mountain?

What plants did Sam eat in my side of the mountain?

Sam mentions quite a few more plants when discussing the meal he has prepared for Christmas. This includes mashed cattail tubers, honey locust bean, and hickory nuts. He also makes use of dandelions and spring beauties in the spring. In the fall he finds ample apples to eat.

Why did Sam have a party my side of the mountain?

In spite of the fact that he has a few animal “friends,” he may be missing human contact and activities in his life. So when harvest time – with nuts and apples and such – approaches Halloween, Sam decides to share the wealth and give a party for the wild animals.

What does Sam make during the winter in my side of the mountain?

When his falcon Frightful catches a rabbit for him, Sam finds himself craving the liver. He learns later that liver is rich in vitamin C. As long as he eats liver on a regular basis in these winter months, he has no more problems.

Who is the antagonist in My Side of the Mountain?

Tamara K. H. Any antagonist in Jean George’s My Side of the Mountain would be considered any character who tries to thwart Sam’s plans to live successfully on his own in the wilderness. One of the characters who tries to thwart him is the fire warden .

Who was Bill in My Side of the Mountain?

Bill – the man that helped Sam to learn how to fish and make a fire. Mrs. Thomas Fiedler – a 97-year-old woman who forces Sam to help her pick strawberries for her famous jam and betrays Sam by reporting him.

What does Sam learn about himself while living in the wild?

By challenging himself, Sam would know his own limit. Sam’s food including fish that he can find in the stream, animals like rabbit that caught together with Frightful, or plants that he can found in Catskill Mountain. Living in the wilderness makes Sam learns many things in nature about animal and people.

What happens in chapter 16 of my side of the mountain?

Chapter 16: We All Learn About Halloween Sam decides to throw a Halloween party and gathers a pile of food as an invitation for the animals in the forest to join him. That first evening, nobody comes. The next day, Sam and Frightful go out until dusk. When they return home, they found some nuts taken from the pile.

Why did Sam call the nuthatch barometer?

Sam names his nuthatch friend Barometer because he can always tell how the weather will turn. He relates how Barometer often takes shelter when a storm is approaching.

Is Frightful a girl or boy?

Frightful is a female peregrine falcon that Sam took from her nest when she was barely two weeks old to raise and train her as a hunting hawk in the art of falconry, during the novel “My Side of the Mountain”.

Why was Bando in the woods?

It turns out that Bando is really a college English professor who had gotten lost on the mountain. When he learns what Sam is doing, Bando honors and validates the boy’s self-imposed retreat from the city to the woods by naming him after American author and naturalist Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862).

What happens in chapter 17 in my side of the mountain?

In Chapter 17 of My Side of the Mountain, Sam spends time chopping as much firewood as he can. After all his preparation, the big snowstorm finally hits, and Sam is relieved to make it through well prepared.

Why does Sam go into town in Chapter 16 of my side of the mountain?

Chapter 16: Trouble He does the best he can to give himself a haircut with a penknife, a small folding pocket knife. On a whim, he decides to go to town. When he gets close, he ties up Frightful and continues on. As he passes people, he can feel them staring and soon darts into a convenience store.