What starters can you get in Pokemon Light Platinum?

What starters can you get in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Pokemon Light Platinum

  • Title. Pokemon Light Platinum.
  • Region. Zhery.
  • Starters. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle.
  • Original Game. Pokemon Ruby.
  • Platform. GameBoy Advance.
  • Creator. Wesley FG.
  • Status. Completed.

What level does Charmander evolve in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Charmander (Japanese: ヒトカゲ Hitokage) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Charmeleon starting at level 16, which evolves into Charizard starting at level 36.

What TMS can Milotic learn?

Moves learnt by TM

TM Move Type
24 Snore Normal
25 Protect Normal
27 Icy Wind Ice
31 Attract Normal

What is the best starter in Pokemon Platinum?

If you want a Pokemon that’s good in the offense and speed department, Chimchar is a good choice. And it eventually evolves into a fire and fighting type. Which is useful against rock types, steel, grass, bug, ice, and normal types.

Which is the best starter Pokemon in mega power?

Their are five starters. Panpour, Pansage,Pansear,Miccino, and Espurr. I didn’t want any stupid monkeys or a chinchilla, So I went with a Espurr. So now you go to the first route, plantain path, this is where I caught a starly.

What is the best level to evolve Charmander?

You’re best served evolving Charmander into Charmeleon as late as possible (it learns its last technique at level 46). As far as HMs and TMs go, Charmander is able to learn techniques like Rest, Swift, Dig, Dragon Rage, Seismic Toss, Toxic, and more.

Is Charmander a dragon?

Charizard is a dual Fire/Flying-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation I. Since Charmander is a Starter Pokémon, Charizard is actually the final evolution form of one of the first three Starter Pokémon in the whole franchise. Although he looks like a dragon, Charizard is actually not a Dragon-type Pokémon.

How do you evolve Onix in light platinum?

Method 6 of 9: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

  1. Get an Onix.
  2. Obtain a Metal Coat in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.
  3. Give the Metal Coat to Onix to hold.
  4. Find someone to trade with.
  5. Start a trade with your trading partner.
  6. Trade Onix to the other player.
  7. Have the other player trade you your Steelix back.

How do you use cheats in Pokemon Light Platinum?

How Do You Use Cheats In Pokemon Light Platinum?

  1. Run the VisualBoyAdvance.
  2. Open the Pokemon Light Platinum GBA ROM.
  3. Load a saved game, go to the nearest Pokemon Center and access your PC.
  4. On the VBA screen, select the ‘Cheats’ menu and click ‘Cheat List’.
  5. Click on the Gameshark option and enter the desired cheat.

Where are all the Pokemon in Pokemon light platinum?

This page will list all pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Light Platinum. They will be listed in National dex Order. NOTE: This is WIP and will be updated every few days. Currently includes: All pokemon available in Yellow Town – Central City & Western Marfeny Lake.

Where do you get TM46 in Pokemon light platinum?

Near the sign, in front of the berry trees (the little round ones) a person will give you TM46, Thief. Teach it to a Pokemon and you can steal berries from trees. Two pokeballs in the grass hold potions. PL-5. Central City Freebies! ( (NOTE There is a visual Glitch relating to the Contest Hall. If you enter a Contest you

Where do you find Professor Jasmine in Pokemon platinum?

Professor Jasmine will ask you to pick a Pokemon to fight the Grunt. After you defeat the Grunt, Jasmine will give you the Pokemon you chose. The Professor Central City to find Professor Oak for her. Talk to her again to receive a Pokeball.

Where do you find Empoleon in Pokemon platinum?

Central City on his Salamence. Jasmine and Ash. They have you translate the stone in the lake, and Prof. Jasmine will decide that it needs to be destroyed. Kaori will take care of that with Empoleon and fill the lake. Ash and Kaori will take off and youll be jumped by a member of Team Steam that was hiding nearby.