What three props are used in swansong?

What three props are used in swansong?

Props – Chair, Canes, Cigarettes and a Red Nose are used to degrade the victim.

What are the themes in swansong?

‘ Christopher Bruce’s classic and ever-popular Swansong made a triumphant return to Rambert’s repertoire in autumn 2007. This gripping piece’s themes of torture and interrogation continue to be as relevant today as when it was first created in 1987.

How is the chair used in swansong?

Use of chair to balance the victim’s weight. extremes, e.g physical violence followed by indulgence. Slow and lyrical movements and music. the shaft of light from the source, upstage left.

Who designed the costumes for swansong?


  • Choreographer: Christopher Bruce.
  • Composer: Philip Chambon.
  • Set designer: Christopher Bruce.
  • Costume designer: Christopher Bruce.
  • Lighting designer: David Mohr.

What’s the meaning of swansong?

1 : a song of great sweetness said to be sung by a dying swan. 2 : a farewell appearance or final act or pronouncement.

What are the 8 choreographic devices in dance?

Tools of the choreographer used for the creation of dances such as abstraction, canon, motif, contrast, accumulation, repetition, reversal, retrograde, inversion, fragmentation, and embellishment.

What is the theme of Ghost Dance?

The theme of Ghost Dances deals with political oppression and dictatorship in South America and Bruce’s choreography reflects this in an eloquent and moving way.

What was swansong inspired by?

Some of the movements in Swansong are familiar from the films of famous dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, who danced in the European style with an upright, smooth line, and Gene Kelly, whose dancing was more closely related to jazz, from the numerous black influences.

What is the meaning of white elephant in idiom?

Today, the term ‘white elephant’ denotes any burdensome, expensive and useless possession that is much more trouble than it is worth. The origins of the phrase come from Siam (modern-day Thailand).

What is Limivorous?

limivorous in American English (laiˈmɪvərəs) adjective. Ecology. of or pertaining to animals, usually worms or bivalves, that ingest earth or mud to extract the organic matter from it.

What are the 7 choreographic devices?

What are the 5 main dance actions?

The 5 actions of dance – jump, turn, travel, gesture and stillness.