What was Marco Polo looking for in China?

What was Marco Polo looking for in China?

Through it all, Marco Polo marveled at China’s cultural customs, great wealth and complex social structure. He was impressed with the empire’s paper money, efficient communication system, coal burning, gunpowder and porcelain, and called Xanadu “the greatest palace that ever was.”

Did Marco Polo spend 17 years in China?

Marco Polo was a Venetian explorer known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295 and remaining in China for 17 of those years.

How did Marco Polo get to China?

He first set out at age 17 with his father and uncle, traveling overland along what later became known as the Silk Road. Upon reaching China, Marco Polo entered the court of powerful Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, who dispatched him on trips to help administer the realm.

Was Marco Polo a prisoner of Kublai Khan?

Marco spent 17 years in the court of Kublai Khan, gaining favor with the Khan and eventually becoming one of his trusted diplomats. After the Polos returned to Venice, Marco got involved in the city’s war with Genoa and was imprisoned, where he told his story to writer Rustichello da Pisa.

How did Marco Polo impact the world?

Europe was not the only one that positively affected by Marco Polo’s travels. Unsurprisingly, China, too, was affected in a positive manner. Marco Polo had introduced gunpowder to the Chinese. With trade between Europe and China, the Europeans were introduced to citrus fruits, spices, and other newly seen goods.

How long did Marco Polo stay in China?

17 years
Marco, his father, and his uncle set out from Venice in 1271 and reached China in 1275. The Polos spent a total of 17 years in China.

What nationality is Marco Polo?

Marco Polo, (born c. 1254, Venice [Italy]—died January 8, 1324, Venice), Venetian merchant and adventurer, who traveled from Europe to Asia in 1271–95, remaining in China for 17 of those years, and whose Il milione (“The Million”), known in English as the Travels of Marco Polo, is a classic of travel literature.

Who were Marco Polo’s wife and children?

In 1300, he married Donata Badoer, the daughter of Vitale Badoer, a merchant.[6] They had three daughters, called Fantina , Bellela and Moreta. He married Donata Badoer, a woman from an old, respected patrician family. Marco would have three children with her: Fantina, Bellela and Moreta .

How did Marco Polo travel to China?

Marco Polo. A well-known traveler and explorer, Marco Polo headed for China along the Silk Road in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). The Travels of Marco Polo, dictated by him, described Chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to China and had a great effect on the European navigation.

What country did Marco Polo explore?

the travels of marco polo. Marco Polo sailed south from Venice , Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East. after they went southeast overland to Persia, then through the Pamir Mountains and the Gobi Desert , to Beijing, China. They explored the area south of Beijing, including Yunan and Szechuan .