What was Mary Hays McCauley nickname and how did she receive it?

What was Mary Hays McCauley nickname and how did she receive it?

Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth, lithograph by Nathaniel Currier. One of the lasting legends of the Battle of Monmouth concerns “Molly Pitcher,” the nickname given to Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly, who delivered water to her husband’s battery to cool the cannons and the soldiers.

What was Mary L Hays McCauley nickname?

Sergeant Molly
After the battle, legend has it that George Washington asked about the courageous woman who was on the battlefield and promoted her to a non-commissioned officer. For this reason, Hays carried the nickname “Sergeant Molly.”

How old was Mary Ludwig Hays when she died?

77 years (1754–1832)
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How old was Mary Hays when she got married?

It is hard to find any information on Molly before the Battle of Monmouth. Born in 1754, Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was the daughter of a New Jersey dairy farmer. At the age of 13, she went to work as a domestic/servant and married a barber named William Hays.

Where is Molly’s grave?

Old Graveyard, Carlisle, PA
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What was Mary Hays job?

Military personnel
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How old is Molly Pitcher now?

Molly Pitcher died on January 22nd, 1832 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She was 78 years old.

Where was Mary Ludwig Hays born and died?

Mary Hays (American Revolutionary War)

Mary Hays McCauley
Birth name Mary Ludwig
Born October 13, 1744 Trenton, New Jersey, British America
Died January 22, 1832 (aged 87) Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Buried 40.19744°N 77.18797°WCoordinates:40.19744°N 77.18797°W

Who is Molly Pitcher’s husband?

William Haysm. 1769–1786
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The Story of Molly Pitcher. An Artillery wife, Mary Hays McCauly (better known as Molly Pitcher) shared the rigors of Valley Forge with her husband, William Hays.

Is there a statue of Molly Pitcher?

Mary Ludwig Hayes, better known as Molly Pitcher, was renowned for her bravery during the Revolutionary War. A statue bearing her likeness is a prominent piece of the Old Graveyard at South Bedford and East South streets, Carlisle, where she is buried.

Did Molly Pitcher have a famous quote?

She is only known to have said something along the lines of, “Well, that could have been worse,” and went back to firing her cannon. The nickname “Molly Pitcher” is believed to have come from the soldiers’ cry, “Molly!

Where did Molly Pitcher died?

Carlisle, PA
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Who was Molly Pitcher and who was Mary Ludwig Hays?

Historians say that “Molly Pitcher” is a fictional woman who represented the many women working on the battlefields. Yet, there is historical evidence that Mary Ludwig Hays was the real “Molly Pitcher.” Mary Ludwig Hays was born on October 13, 1754.

Where was Mary Ludwig Hays born and raised?

Mary Ludwig Hays was born on October 13, 1754. Historians argue over where she was born, but she was either born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. She grew up in a small, modest household and her parents were German immigrants. It was unlikely that she would have learned to read or write during this time.

Where did Mary Hays McCauley live most of her life?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was known familiarly in Carlisle, where she lived for the rest of her life, as Molly Pitcher. She lived on the corner of North and Bedford streets in a house which since has been demolished. On February 21, 1822, the Pennsylvania State Legislature awarded Molly a yearly pension of $40.

What was the name of Mary Hays husband?

It has often been reported that Hays was killed in the battle, but it is known that he survived. According to Wikipedia, as her husband was carried off the battlefield, Mary Hays took his place at the cannon.