What was the political structure of the Caddos?

What was the political structure of the Caddos?

Religious and political authority in historic Caddo communities rested in a hierarchy of key positions shared between the various affiliated communities. The xinesi (pronounced chenesi, meaning Mr. Moon) inherited the position of spiritual leadership.

What kind of government did the Caddo Indians have?

In 1938, the Constitution for the Caddo Indians of Oklahoma became an established government. The Tribal Council is composed of 8 members including 4 representatives from 4 distinct areas with high populations of Caddo people.

What type of society did the Caddo Tribe have?

Caddo society was made up of independent named groups sometimes called tribes or nations by the early Europeans. Each was comprised of a principal community or village (groups were known by the name of the principal village) and various affiliated communities.

What were caddos considered experts?

After about 1700, when the Caddo became expert horsemen, hunting and trading grew even more important than farming.

What religion did the Caddo Tribe believe in?

peyote religion
The Caddo Indians practiced a vibrant peyote religion long before John Wilson (Moonhead) or Quanah Parker reǦignited the Native American Church. Moreover, research has shown the importance of the peyote plant to the Caddo long before any European contact.

What kind of government does the Caddo tribe have?

Government and civic institutions. The Caddo Nation was previously known as the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma. The tribal constitution provides for election of an eight-person council, with a chairperson, that is based in Binger, Oklahoma.

Where did the Caddo Indian tribe get their name?

See Article History. Caddo, one tribe within a confederacy of North American Indian tribes comprising the Caddoan linguistic family. Their name derives from a French truncation of kadohadacho, meaning “real chief” in Caddo. The Caddo proper originally occupied the lower Red River area in what are now Louisiana and Arkansas.

What kind of conditions did the Caddo live in?

The Caddo were farmers and enjoyed good growing conditions most of the time. The Piney Woods, the geographic area where they lived, was affected by the Great Drought from 1276–1299 CE, which covered an area extending to present-day California and disrupted many Native American cultures.

What was the relationship between the French and the Caddo?

During the 18th century the French and Spanish disputed over Caddo territory; the tribe was initially friendly to the French. By the close of the 18th century, colonial pressures had broken up Caddo tribal life and turned many of them into wanderers in their own land.