What was Valley Forge and why was it important?

What was Valley Forge and why was it important?

Valley Forge is the location of the 1777-1778 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington. Valley Forge was a naturally defensible plateau where they could train and recoup from the year’s battles while winter weather, impassable roads, and scant supplies stopped the fighting.

What was the purpose of Valley Forge?

The troops being at Valley Forge between the British and York were a protection for Congress. The Valley Forge area (terrain) was defensible. The grounds were suitable to guard against attack. While the conditions were harsh, Washington tried to provide for the comfort of his men.

What is the meaning of Valley Forge?

vălē A village of southeast Pennsylvania on the Schuylkill River northwest of Philadelphia. It was the site of the headquarters of the Continental Army under George Washington from December 1777 to June 1778 during the American Revolution.

What made living at Valley Forge so hard?

A lack of organization, food and money shortages plagued the Continental Army throughout the first half of the seven-year-long revolution. These problems exacerbated the harsh living conditions at Valley Forge, during the third year of the war.

What was Valley Forge quizlet?

Valley Forge in Pennsylvania was the site of the military camp of the American Continental Army over the winter of 1777-1778 during the American Revolutionary War. It is approximately 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

What were some of the hardships in Valley Forge?

The Continental Army’s hardships at Valley Forge remain well known, but often (and understandably), the belief persists that the difficulty derived from cold weather. While troops marched into Valley Forge during winter-like conditions, the challenges they faced did not stem so much from the cold, but from other problems.

What did Valley Forge do in the Revolutionary War?

Valley Forge, in the American Revolution, Pennsylvania encampment grounds of the Continental Army under General George Washington from December 19, 1777, to June 19, 1778, a period that marked the triumph of morale and military discipline over severe hardship.

What are some interesting facts about Valley Forge?

Interesting Facts About the Valley Forge Valley Forge was the first state park in Pennsylvania. The area was named after an iron forge located at nearby Valley Creek. General Friedrich von Steuben wrote the Revolutionary War Drill Manual which became the standard drill manual used by the US forces up until the War of 1812 .

What were some effects of Valley Forge?

Some effects of Valley Forge are that it was a very hard time for the Americans.

  • Valley Forge turned out to be a good thing for the Continental Army.
  • No battle was fought at valley forge.
  • a new army anxious to fight the British streamed out of Valley Forge toward New Jersey.