What weight of fork oil should I use?

What weight of fork oil should I use?

Most suspension fluids that are lighter than 5wt are designed specifically to be used in a shock. Fork oils heavier than 5wt get too thin when they get hot. Stick with 5wt fork oil.

Should I use heavier fork oil?

Fork oil viscosity matters The fluid’s viscosity (often thought of as its thickness) influences how fast or slow the oil flows through the shock valves. If you prefer quick rebounds, use a lighter fluid. If you like slower rebounds, use a heavier fluid.

What does heavier weight fork oil do?

Heavier oil viscosity will give more compression and more rebound damping. On the other hand, a higher oil level will give you more compression “damping” ( resistance to the fork compressing ) but less rebound damping as the reduced air pocket inside the top of the fork tube will exert more pressure to extend the fork.

What’s the difference between 10w and 15W fork oil?

Without looking up the difference in Centi-stokes, from a practical standpoint, the thicker oil slows down both compression and rebound. 15W would deliver a slightly less compliant ride, so, high-speed compression could feel more “jarring”, and a series of hard bumps would gradually “pack-down” the suspension travel.

How often should you change fork oil?

every 10,000 miles
The oil in your fork loses lubricity, gets dirty, and should be changed every 10,000 miles or once a year.

What happens if you don’t change fork oil?

Ruined Brakes The longer your fork seals leak, the more oil that drips onto your front wheel below. The fork oil will also begin leaking onto your front brake pads and calipers. When your brakes become too lubricated, their ability to stop your front wheel when you clamp down on your brakes is practically non-existent.

Can I use motor oil instead of fork oil?

ATF is close to most 7-10w oils. If you must, use that as your damper oil. For straight lubricating oil (like in the lowers of a Fox 40), motor oil is just fine.

What kind of oil does a Honda VF 750 take?

HONDA VF VF 750 C V45 MAGNA (1982-1989) Engine/transmission 5 Capacity: 3 litre (Dry fill), Capacity: 2,9 litre (Service fill)

What are the ratings for Lucas Oil fork oil?

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